Bachelor in Paradise fans slam Kate Gallivan after dramatic refusal of Logan’s rose

Kate Gallivan
Fans have spoken out about Kate’s exit on last night’s finale. Pic credit: ABC

There’s no doubt that the first half of this season’s Bachelor in Paradise finale had viewers watching with open jaws last night.

Especially after Kate Gallivan ended her relationship with Logan Palmer, seemingly the exact way many fans had expected.

The two have had their fair share of ups and downs on the beach, and even though they have been going in circles for weeks with roundabout conversations, they made it to the season’s final rose ceremony.

With Logan confident in giving away his rose to Kate to infer that he wanted to be in a relationship outside of Paradise, the feeling was clearly not (and possibly never) reciprocated.

Kate took the opportunity to give a speech to Logan in which she flipped the script and told Logan he was the one with a slew of negative qualities.

But, let’s be honest — we knew the two would most likely never last after her comment about his inability to afford an Equinox membership.

Let’s see what fans had to say after her dramatic refusal of the rose.

Fans set Twitter ablaze after Kate Gallivan’s Bachelor in Paradise speech

Regarding Kate’s presence on the show, it was clear some viewers didn’t entirely take a liking to many of the things she said to Logan.

And after finally leaving the show last night, all bets were off.

One fan gave their opinion by saying, “Kate, that speech was not the serve you thought it would be.”

“I will never stop saying how Kate is the worst,” another fan said with a screengrab of her at the rose ceremony.

One viewer joked, “kate after putting on the performance of her life with that obviously rehearsed dramatic exit.”

“Kate really thought she was doing something when she’s really the most manipulative person,” user @krisharrysion wrote.

And, well, some fans spoke for all of Bachelor Nation with their statements — “Kate at home right now seeing everyone against her after thinking she pulled some girl boss moment dumping Logan.”

Will Logan Palmer confront Kate on the Bachelor in Paradise reunion?

In new previews for tonight’s BIP reunion, which will air after the possible proposals, it seems that Logan and Kate will most definitely be in attendance.

One clip shows Logan saying, “She tried to humiliate me in front of her friends,” before switching the camera angle to Kate while shaking her head from side to side.

Although viewers may have to do a double take with Logan due to his debut of a clean-shaven face, the two will most certainly be hashing things out during the reunion tonight.

The Bachelor in Paradise finale will air tonight at 8/7c on ABC.

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