Bachelor in Paradise fans slam Kate Gallivan after Equinox comment

Kate Gallivan
Viewers have responded to Kate Gallivan’s infamous Equinox comment on last night’s episode. Pic credit: ABC

After Kate Gallivan brought up a few concerns during last night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, one comment particularly stuck with many viewers.

Kate has had an interesting time on the beach thus far — initially hitting it off with Jacob Rapini, leaving him to pursue Logan Palmer, and then most recently accepting a date from newcomer Hayden Markowitz.

Although she and Logan seem to have the strongest connection, she made it clear during Monday’s airing that Hayden’s age and bank account numbers were more suited to her lifestyle.

In one particular scene, Kate was chatting with Shanae Ankney about Logan’s immaturity and their seven-year age difference.

In regards to Logan’s financial status, she said at one point, “I know that you literally can’t afford to work out at Equinox. Like I have a trainer, Shanae.”

The line was not the best look for Kate, as it was enough for Bachelor Nation to call her out on the remark.

Fans slam Kate Gallivan after saying Logan Palmer can’t afford an Equinox membership

While Equinox may be one of the most upscale gyms in the game, many BIP viewers had no sympathy for Kate after she assumed Logan wouldn’t be able to afford a membership there.

“Kate picking her life partner based on whether they can afford an Equinox membership tells me everything I need to know,” one viewer tweeted.

Another fan exclaimed, “Not me immediately looking up how much an equinox membership is after Kate saying it but like WHY DOES IT MATTER HOW MUCH HIS GYM MEMBERSHIP COST THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT LOVE.”

Tweet about Kate's comment
Pic credit: @ShnnSllvn/Twitter

After debating whether to give her rose to Logan or Hayden, one viewer wrote, “not kate deciding who to give her rose to based on whether or not logan can afford to work out at equinox.”

Along with a meme of a tired Ben Affleck, another BIP fan tweeted, “Is Kate really reconsidering her relationship because of a Equinox membership.”

Kate said she felt a ‘gravitational pull’ to Logan at the beginning of Bachelor in Paradise

While Logan did accept the rose from Kate — even after she prompted him with an awkward question at the rose ceremony — it’s still unclear whether or not their relationship will be strong enough to last beyond the beaches of Paradise.

However, Kate did admit that when she first met Logan, she felt an undeniable attraction to him that she didn’t feel with any of the other contestants.

“You know when you kind of come across someone and you kind of feel that instant gravitational pull, you can’t really explain it, it doesn’t really make sense, maybe that’s chemistry, maybe that’s pheromones, who knows,” she said. “I felt that way towards Logan.”

Fans have the night off tonight, but more drama is sure to unfold on next week’s episodes of Bachelor in Paradise as the finale gets closer and closer.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays & Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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