Kate Chastain shares a strict Below Deck filming rule

Kate Chastain from Below Deck talks the reality of reality television.
Kate shares some hilarious insight into having cameras follow you 24/7 on a yacht. Pic credit: Bravo

Kate Chastain has shared a strict Below Deck filming rule two years after she left the hit-yachting show.

After six seasons on Below Deck, Kate shocked fans when she announced her departure. The blonde beauty has made it pretty clear she would only return to Below Deck as a guest. However, that hasn’t stopped Below Deck fans from begging for Kate to return.

Below Deck Season 8 chief stew Francesca Rubi and Season 9 chief stew Heather Chase did nothing to get fans to forget about Kate either. Kate thought Heather could become the new face of the OG Below Deck. However, Heather’s Season 9 racial slur outraged viewers, and many don’t want her to return for another season.

Kate Chastain shares a strict Below Deck filming rule

She may not be on Below Deck anymore, but Kate gets asked about the show all the time. The Galley Talk host recently stopped Discretion Advised Podcast and shared some interesting information about Below Deck.

One topic that was discussed was production and rules.

“So, actually, I would like to hook up with a lot of the cameramen, but there’s a very strict rule about that. We’re not… that’s not allowed. And then, um, the only time they’re not allowed to film us is if we are in the bathroom alone with the door closed. If there’s two people in the bathroom, they’re going to knock on the door and tell you to open the door,” she expressed.

Kate also explained how the rotation of the camera crews worked and that yes, there are cameras 24/7.

“We are filmed 24/7. There are three camera crews that rotate in and out, um, and then we’re also filmed while we’re sleeping, which is pretty creepy,” Kate explained.

The former chief stew revealed that when crew members get in bed at night, they have to wave to the camera so production will turn the big filming lights off. Kate admitted it can take a while for production to get to the lights too.

Below Deck fans can check Kate out on Galley Talk

Kate remains a pivotal part of the Below Deck family. She appears alongside her good friend chef Ben Robinson on Galley Talk.

The commentary show features alums from Below Deck and Below Deck Mediterranean sharing their thoughts on various episodes from the Below Deck franchise. Most recently, Galley Talk has focused on upsides from Below Deck Sailing Yacht to prepare for Season 3.

Kate Chastain from Below Deck spilled that there’s a strict, no-fraternizing-with-production rule and also admitted she wouldn’t have minded hooking up with a few cameramen.

Below Deck is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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