Kate Chastain declares she’s ‘sick and tired of being bullied’ amid Below Deck reunion drama

Kate Chastain talks about Below Deck on Watch What Happens Live
Kate Chastain speaks out in defense of herself amid Below Deck reunion drama. Pic credit: Bravo

Kate Chastain has been in the center of quite a bit of drama on the latest season of Below Deck, and now, she’s making it clear that she won’t stand for any more abuse.

Chastain made her point in a joking manner, but anyone that tuned in for Season 7 of the Bravo show knows that she’s definitely not kidding, and she’s got every right to stand up for herself too.

Kate Chastain’s really rough season on Below Deck

Especially after episode 12, titled Yacht-Pocalypse now, when Ashton got drunk, kissed Kate and then blew up at her like a madman on the way home from what should have been a fun night out.

There was even an incident where Kevin kicked sand in Kate’s eyes, something she hasn’t let the Below Deck cast forget about.

Things got so bad between Kate and the rest of the Valor crew that she even threatened to quit after Ashton and Kevin drunkenly told her that everyone on the crew was sick of her receiving preferential treatment.

But does she? That’s something that has been discussed a few times now.

And can we really blame Kate for wanting to walk before the yachting season is even over? She’s been complaining that Kevin won’t let her do her job as Chief Stew and those under her aren’t trying to do theirs.

There has been quite a bit of conflict, but as Kate has said time and time again, if the others would do their jobs, the whole experience would be that much better.

Will the men be called out on the Below Deck reunion?

As we get closer to Part 2 of the Below Deck reunion, the bad behavior of the boys has been discussed on social media, but on the reunion stage, many want to know why Andy Cohen has been so light on the guys while the women fight it out.

And just days after Kate and Simone faced off on the first part of the Below Deck reunion, Kate has shared a message.

“I’ve had enough. I am sick and tired of being bullied into things I don’t want to do and then being threatened with a penalty if I don’t do them,” Kate wrote on Twitter. “My landlord wants rent every month: BULLY Spectrum wants me to pay for WiFi: BULLY Clerk at grocery store wants my money: BULLY.”

We could certainly add to that about when Ashton is screaming in Kate’s face and punching the window of the van on the way home from a night out. And also when Kevin takes over service and won’t even let Kate do her job.

There are plenty more instances where Kate probably did feel bullied on the most recent season of Below Deck, and it’s clear that she is over it.

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