Kate Chastain calls out Below Deck cast for ignoring the sand in her eyes

Kate tweets check chef Kevin kicking sand in her face
Kate tweets about castmates’ lack of support, after Chef Kevin kicks sand in her face. Pic credit: Bravo TV

Part 1 of Bravo’s Below Deck reunion arguably ranks among the most anticipated Bravo reunions of all time.

So far it’s been a total letdown with host Andy Cohen not holding the men accountable for their actions.

If you’ve been watching the season, you’ll know that fans have been outraged by the level of misogyny and disrespect the women had to endure all season long.

To be fair, this was only part one, and Andy has quite a bit to unpack, but many were shocked to see the usually fair host, going easy on the men.

Part 1 saw Captain Lee and Chief Stew, Kate Chastain clearly frustrated at Andy’s line of questioning, which was aimed at grilling Kate for the naughty cake fiasco with Chef Kevin.

Throughout the season the chief stew and the chef continually butted heads, and in the last few episodes, Kevin was left fuming after Kate allowed him to present an explicit cake for the charter guests during their last night at dinner.

The cake was Kate’s payback to Kevin

The cake did not go over well. The primary guest was fast asleep when it was brought out, and the others, who were accompanied at dinner by Captain Lee, seemed shocked by the inappropriateness of the situation.

Kevin quickly gave his apologies, then left the room with what little dignity he had left.

He then had to repurpose the cake so the guests could have their ‘just dessert’, so to speak.

This only added further fuel to the already smoldering fire between Kevin and Kate.

However, despite Andy grilling Kate about setting Kevin up for failure with the cake fiasco, it was what he did not mention that had Kate and Below Deck viewers fuming!

During the final night, Captain Lee treated his crew to a soiree on a private island, and of course, the chief stew and chef were at it again. While Kate chose to use her words during the battle, telling Kevin how she really felt about his talents as a chef, Kevin went low.

At one point, a very drunk Kevin kicked sand in Kate’s face and had no remorse after the fact. Furthermore, her castmates did not seem to care much.

As usual, the men were silent, except for Brian de Sain Pern, who made a feeble attempt at admonishing Kevin while arguing with Kate for even bringing up the issue.

During the reunion, Kate took to Twitter to air her frustration

“One of my favorite things about being Chief Stew is getting DRILLED about the logic behind my decisions while no one even cares when the chef literally kicks sand into my eyes. Good times,” Kate wrote on Twitter.

Fans came to her defense, with many airing their disappointment at Andy Cohen’s handling of the situation. One Twitter user noted that the reunion was “being handled atrociously”

Another user aired her displeasure as well, stating that he seems to be taking the men’s side.

So far Andy Cohen has not responded to any of the tweets regarding his alleged mismanagement of the situation.

I guess we’ll just have to wait for the rest of the Below Deck reunion before we make our judgment.

Part 2 of the Below Deck Reunion will air on Monday, February 17, at 8/7c on Bravo. 

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