Karen Landry-Williams and Amani Randall rock bold outfits during their get-together

Karen Landry-Williams
Karen Landry-Williams and Amani Randall flaunt their colorful style. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 11 stars Amani Randall and Karen Landry-Willaims recently met up and flaunted both their friendship and their colorful style. 

Amani and Karen became friends after they both took the daring risk of marrying a stranger during the New Orleans season of Married at First Sight and it seems their friendship is still going strong based on their latest outing. 

Amani Randall and Karen Landry-Williams go out for drinks 

Amani and Karen hung out at The Bower for a girls’ night out and shared a series of fun photos from their outing, where they were all smiles. 

Both Amani and Karen wore outfits from New York-based retail company souk + Sepia, that featured bold prints and graphics. 

Karen wore a comfy white long-sleeve sweater with a graphic of a face in the center, wearing glasses and hoops. Karen paired the look with leather pants and bright red heels, along with a bright red clutch, a red lip, and hoops. 

Amani stood out in a white turtleneck top with black stripes and pink, blue, red, and yellow color blocking. Amani paired the look with a short skirt and knee-high black boots. 

As for hair, Karen went with a high bun and Amani rocked a curly bob with silver clips. 

Karen and Amani are both known to be into fashion and unafraid to add splashes of color to their wardrobe and these photos further proved that. Swipe right to see more angles of Karen and Amani’s outfits.

Amani Randall and Karen Landry-Williams still married to their MAFS husbands 

Married at First Sight Season 11 produced three couples who said yes on Decision Day. 

While Bennett and Amelia announced their divorce last year, Miles and Karen, and Woody and Amani are still going strong in their marriages. 

Woody and Amani arguably became the most beloved couple in MAFS franchise history, as the pair seemed like a perfect fit right from the jump and always put their love and commitment for one another on display. 

Miles and Karen had a rockier journey during the season as it took a while for Karen to warm up to Miles and show affection.

Many MAFS viewers were hesitant about whether Miles and Karen would work out, but the couple defied the odds and are still together currently. 

Miles and Woody were already best friends before joining Married at First Sight and it’s sweet to see that their wives have become close friends as well. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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Danna D
Danna D
1 year ago

Why not show a pic of them standing up? I love this brand… they need plus size options for real sized woman!