Kandi Burruss wants viewers to give LaToya Ali a chance after newbie gets bashed on social media

Kandi Burruss wants RHOA fans to give LaToya Ali a chance
Kandi Burruss defends LaToya Ali. Pic credit:@Speakonit/Youtube

Kandi Burruss is dishing about the new season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

And she wants viewers to give LaToya Ali a fair chance after the newbie got lots of backlash from social media fans.

Ali, who is a friend of the show, has teamed up with show villain Kenya Moore.

And they recently threw a lot of shade at new Housewife Drew Sidora after only meeting the actress once.

Viewers have been coming down hard on LaToya and accusing her of doing too much for TV.

But Kandi Burruss is defending the popular YouTuber.

Kandi talks similarities between Kenya and LaToya

Kandi recently sat down for a chat on her Speak On It YouTube show to dish about The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

One of the most talked-about duos this season is the unlikely friendship between OG Kenya Moore and newcomer LaToya Ali.

The two have become fast friends, which is strange since Kenya is not known for warming up to new cast members.

And it seems Moore and Ali have their targets set on new Housewife, Drew Sidora who they shaded last week and mocked her wig.

“They’re lethal,” confessed Kandi when talking about the new friends.

“Y’all thought that Kenya was the queen of shade but that damn Toya…that shade comes outta her mouth so fast and so quick, and then she don’t hold back.”

Burruss also revealed that the new friends both fall under the Aquarius sign.

“…When I tell you LaToya and Kenya are like the same person just from different generations, but they are the same person, “purported the RHOA star.

She added, “That’s why they get along so well, cause they understand each other, clearly.”

 Kandi wants fans to give LaToya a chance

During her YouTube show, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star continued to dish about the newbie.

“She’s hilarious,” said Kandi.

“And she’s crazy. She says whatever and she means it and she will not take it back. That’s the other thing about LaToya, she does not care and she will not take it back. Whatever she says she stands on it….”

Despite LaToya getting backlash from fans about doing too much on the show, the mom-of-three thinks it’s too early for fans to count out the newbie.

“I love her for the show. I think she was the perfect fit. Even though I did realize that last week she got a lot of heat, a lot of negative feedback…”

However, the singer and songwriter told her fans, “I think you guys need to give her a chance because she’s actually cool. It’s only the third week, give her a chance.”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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