Kaitlyn Bristowe’s ex-fiance Shawn Booth is freaked out after a wild snake goes missing in his house

Shawn Booth
Shawn Booth freaks out over a snake. Pic credit: ABC

Shawn Booth shared some information sure to make fans squirm as he revealed a loose snake in his home.

Shawn caught the attention of Bachelor Nation fans, alums, and Kaitlyn Bristowe when he was on Season 11 of her reign as The Bachelorette.

After Kaitlyn chose Shawn, he proposed, and the two left the show engaged. However, the wedding date fans were waiting for was never set, and the two split in October of 2018. Now Kaitlyn is engaged to marry Jason Tartick, yet another Bachelor alum and Shawn is focusing on his health and fitness, as well as searching for a lost snake in his house.

Shawn Booth reveals there is a snake unaccounted for in his house

According to Shawn’s interview with TMZ, he saw a snake loose in his basement in Nashville, so he tried to catch it by first putting a blanket over it. He wanted to then capture it by putting a basket on the snake’s head so it would lose consciousness.

Shawn left the snake there to run and grab a shovel so that he could take it outside where it belonged. However, when Shawn came back down into his basement, the snake was gone, and has been missing inside his house ever since!

Because of this incident, Shawn has lost a countless amount of sleep because he’s so afraid that the snake will appear, crawl and slither on him, he’ll find it in a random place, or God forbid, be poisonous.

During the interview, Shawn also added that because the snake is still currently loose somewhere in his house, he and his dog search the entire house every single night before bed. He even stated that his dog sleeps right next to him, in hopes that the pooch will alert him if he senses, or sees, the snake.

One of Shawn’s biggest fears is snakes

While Shawn doesn’t have a ton of fears in life, snakes are one of the few, especially if it is, in fact, a poisonous type. He declared that the snake probably got into the house when the door was open as Shawn did some yard work.

While Bachelor Nation loves to see Shawn’s social media posts and his muscular, toned body, they hope the next post that Shawn makes is one that says the snake has been located and removed from his home!

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11th on ABC.

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