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Kaitlyn Bristowe says of Greg Grippo’s response to Katie Thurston: ‘I didn’t like how he treated her’

kaitlyn bristowe
Kaitlyn Bristowe said she did not like how Greg Grippo treated Katie Thurston in one of the final episodes of The Bachelorette. Pic credit: ABC

Kaitlyn Bristowe admitted in a question and answer session on social media that she didn’t like Greg Grippo’s angry interaction with Katie Thurston during the show’s August 2 episode, where he stormed off the set of the ABC dating show after not receiving the validation he craved regarding their relationship.

Kaitlyn said regarding the episode, “I didn’t like how he treated her.”

The Bachelorette cohost answered a fan’s query regarding a future for Katie and Greg. They asked if she the twosome would ever speak to one another again.

“Well, they do, on the After the Final Rose episode that’s coming out,” she said in a video posted to her Instagram stories about tonight’s explosive season-ender. “Tayshia [Adams] and I are there to do the interview.”

After two heartwrenching fights and many tears, Greg decided to leave the show because Katie would not assure him that he would win the competition. Nor would she say she loved him.

The show lead claimed that she was waiting to say those words after she had chosen her finalist.

Kaitlyn Bristowe shared her thoughts regarding the episode

After Greg exited the New Mexico set of the series, a stunned Katie ran to her suite at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya, where she locked herself in her bathroom and cried.

Kaitlyn stood outside of the bath and spoke to Katie. The show lead eventually opened the door to allow the co-host in, where they talked about her response to the fight with Greg.

“I still have thoughts on this,” Kaitlyn said during the Q&A.

“I have watched this episode back three times to digest my thoughts on it. … From being on the bathroom floor, I was just thinking he poured his heart out, and she didn’t respond well… watching back… I didn’t like how he treated her,” she said.

kaitlyn bristowe
Kaitlyn Bristowe shared her thoughts on the Katie Thurston and Greg Grippo incident that rocked Bachelor Nation. Pic credit: @kaitlynbristowe/Instagram

Kaitlyn changed her point of view after watching the episode

In another slide, Kaitlyn changed her initial reaction to the situation after watching the episode.

“OK, before I watched, I was Team Neutral,” the Dew Edit founder said in her Instagram Stories. “I was like, ‘You know, Katie could have responded better, and Greg’s probably hurt,’ and then I watched it back, and I was like, ‘Oh … mmm.’”

Monsters and Critics previously reported that Kaitlyn believed Greg wanted to quit the show before his showdown with Katie.

“I actually didn’t really fully know how that all went down until I watched it back. I heard Katie’s side of the story, and she was actually really, like, self-deprecating about it,” Kaitlyn revealed in a new episode of the podcast Click Bait with Bachelor Nation.

“I feel like she wasn’t angry at the time. She wasn’t like, ‘Oh, Greg gaslighted me.’ … She was kind of, like, ‘I don’t know what happened.’ … I felt bad for Greg until I watched it back.”

“Could Katie have, like, been a little more reactive to him saying these things? Of course. But the way he responded to that I thought was bulls**t,” Kaitlyn elaborated.

The finale of this season of The Bachelorette airs tonight at 8/7c on ABC.

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1 year ago

I have commented often on Katie on the bachlorette, mostly negative comments on Katie. I apologize, on the final show I thought that waiting for Blake to propose, she looked awesome. The dress was gorgeous and she showed her beauty. But I get the feeling that Blake isn’t 100% into this whole thing, time will tell. I loved the way Katie tore into Greg. He knew that he was exposed. What a shame for her that he was allowed to be on the show. The producers of the show should be sued. I hope she does it.