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Kaitlyn Bristowe claims Greg Grippo ‘wanted to quit before he got fired’ from The Bachelorette

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Kaitlyn Bristowe claimed that Greg Grippo wanted to get leave before being fired from Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette. Pic credit: ABC

In a new interview, current Bachelorette host Kaitlyn Bristowe claimed that ex-contestant Greg Grippo wanted to quit the competition season before he got fired.

She weighed in on the actions of the New Jersey native after he responded uncharacteristically to Katie Thurston’s response to his declaration of love.

After a day where the couple relished in their affection for one another, Greg acted unlike his normal happy persona when Katie would not commit to him in the manner he hoped for as they neared the end of the dating competition.

Greg clapped back and spoke harshly to the brunette beauty. He caused her to cry as she attempted to explain he was her “number one” and would remain in the competition until the end.

In turn, Greg wanted her to tell him she loved him, something Katie said she could not do until she handed out her final rose to Greg, Justin Glaze, or Blake Moynes.

This caused Greg to walk out on both Katie and the series for good.

Kaitlyn Bristowe made a startling claim in a new podcast interview

In a new episode of Click Bait with Bachelor Nation, hosted by Tayshia Adams, Joe Amabile, and Natasha Parker, Kaitlyn shared her point of view regarding the explosive argument that set Bachelor Nation ablaze.

“I actually didn’t really fully know how that all went down until I watched it back. I was hearing Katie’s side of the story, and she was actually really, like, self-deprecating about it,” Kaitlyn revealed. “I feel like she wasn’t angry at the time. She wasn’t like, ‘Oh, Greg gaslighted me.’ … She was kind of, like, ‘I don’t know what happened.’ … I felt bad for Greg until I watched it back.”

“Could Katie have, like, been a little more reactive to him saying these things? Of course. But the way he responded to that I thought was bulls**t,” Kaitlyn elaborated.

“There are lists, there are roses, there are placements,” Kaitlyn said on Thursday, defending Katie’s terminology. “She gave him so much reassurance the whole show.”

The hosts discussed the situation further with Kaitlyn

They discussed the situation further after Joe said Katie could have definitely handled the situation with Greg better. However, he didn’t think her reaction was severe enough for him to call it quits on their relationship.

Joe elaborated that if it was real love between them, that should have sustained that situation.

Kaitlyn’s responded with knowledge as she too had to deal with the rules and regulations of the series when she starred in the series’ 11th season.

“That’s The Bachelorette. She can’t really fully reciprocate it if she can’t validate him until the end,” she said. “And I think he just wanted to quit before he got fired. I think his ego was so hurt in that moment that he was like, ‘I’m gonna just flip this s**t and get out of here.’”

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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    • No, she didn’t give him the cold shoulder. She gave him as much reassurance as she could have given the parameters of the situation. He demonstrated classic narcissistic behavior by trying to turn everything she said around so that he could maintain a victim mentality and, in true narcissistic fashion, discarding her when she no longer provided the supply to which he had become accustomed. He should be embarrassed and ashamed of his behavior and Katie should be counting her lucky stars that he is gone

  1. She showed no emotion to him pouring out his love for her. I don’t blame him for his reaction as he was needing some emotion from her and she sat with a blank look on her face. it was like no one was home and she wasn’t engaging in his love for her.

  2. Just what I want an average looking at best gf that goes around making out with anyone and everyone, that sleeps in fantasy suites with 3 guys in a row. What would you expect to happen the rest of your life. This little hoe woulde be screwin the whole neighborhood


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