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Kailyn Lowry called ‘trashy’ as Teen Mom 2 fans react to photo of baby Creed

Kail Lowry during an episode of Teen Mom 2
Fans criticize Kail Lowry for sharing a photo of her son Creed wearing a “Pot Head” hat Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry is often posting photos of her four children.

Kail shares her son Isaac with her ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera, her son Lincoln with her ex-husband Javi Marroquin, and her sons Lux and Creed with her ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez.

Kail has worked hard to provide a good life for her sons and has worked through the challenges of co-parenting with three different men.

Fans have often praised Kail for being a great mother but recently, one of her posts caused people to question her judgment.

Kail recently shared a photo of her youngest son Creed wearing a hat with the words “Pot Head” on the front. The hat represented her Pot Head Hair Care line. Her company promotes hair care products that are infused with CBD.

Some fans felt her latest marketing attempt was done in poor taste. Some went as far as calling Kail “trashy” for sharing a photo of her son wearing something like that.

Fans criticize Kail for a photo of Creed in ‘Pot Head’ hat

The photo, which was the third of four photos shared of Creed in the Instagram post, had the caption, “He said he’s ready to be a brand rep @potheadhaircare.”

A fan shared the photo to Reddit to get other follower’s opinions and many did not approve of the post.

One fan commented that it’s inappropriate to have kids promoting adult products and was no different than promoting a beer brand.

A fan calls Kail "trashy" for posting the photo of Creed
A fan calls Kail “trashy” for posting the photo of Creed Pic credit: @SpiritualCamera/Reddit

Another fan questioned why people think Kail is a good mother and didn’t understand why she would put the hat on a baby.

A fan calls Kail "trash" and questions why people think she's a good mother
A fan calls Kail “trash” and questions why people think she’s a good mother Pic credit: @HannahLeah1987/Reddit

Fans argue over who Creed looks like

Whenever Kail posts a photo of her son Creed, it seems like fans always have a strong reaction.

While this most recent picture caused fans to question Kail’s judgment, in the past, her followers have been more concerned about who Creed looks more like.

Many fans have argued that he looks more like his big brother Isaac while others thought he looked just like his brother Lux.

The debate over Creed’s looks has caused a lot of conflict for Kail as fans went as far as questioning who his actual father was and didn’t believe he looked anything like Chris.

The skepticism caused Chris to demand that Kail have a paternity test done to confirm that his son was his. The results came back and reaffirmed what Kail had said all along and Chris is Creed’s actual father.

The paternity test was one of the many times that Kail and Chris have been at odds with one another but they do their best to co-parent Creed and his brother Lux as peacefully as possible.

Despite fan’s ongoing criticism, Kail continues to post adorable photos of Creed and her other children.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.