Teen Mom 2: Kailyn Lowry reveals she was ‘humiliated’ after Chris Lopez made her take a paternity test

Chris Lopez with sons Creed and Lux following paternity test pic credit: @chrisxlopezz/Instagram

Teen Mom 2 star,  Kailyn Lowry, reveals she was ‘humiliated’ after Chris Lopez made her take a paternity test.

The pair shares sons Lux, 3, and Creed, 3-months.

On a recent episode of her podcast, Baby Mamas no Drama, Kail described being “humiliated” and left crying when one of her baby daddy’s demanded a paternity test.

It was later revealed that neither Jo Rivera nor Javi Marroquin was the ones who made the request, leaving fans to realize it was Chris.

Kail went on to say, “I knew who I slept with and have never questioned any of my kid’s dads.”

If being humiliated by Chris wasn’t bad enough, Kail also described her interaction with the nurse, which caused her to break down in tears.

“I go into the DNA place, and she said, “So, you don’t know who the dad is?'”

This statement amplified Kail’s embarrassment, and she added, “I am in the public eye. Why the f*** would I put myself in the position where I don’t know who the damn dad is?”

Fans speak out

Fans have taken to Chris’s social media account, commenting on a picture of him holding his two sons, with many still speculating about the accuracy of the paternity results.

Several commenters made statements that Creed looks “nothing like Chris,” and many think he looks more like Javi.

Following the news of the paternity test, Chris took to his Instagram live to express his happiness.

While many had supportive and positive messages for him, some still felt the need to express their skepticism, to which Chris replied, “Y’all are haters, you’re so miserable in your own life that you need to come up here and comment on mine.”

Chris then went on to say, “I’m about to call y’all’s job and let them know the kind of stuff y’all be posting. Nah, you’re not relevant enough for me to do that. I don’t care enough.”

Following his Instagram Live, he disabled the comment section of the picture he posted.

Chris and Kail’s rocky past

Since they started dating in 2017, Chris and Kail have had a rocky relationship.

Shortly after Lux was born in 2018, Kail made accusations that Chris wasn’t very involved; she even went so far as to change her son’s last name from Lopez to Lowry.

Months after the name change, despite Kail’s allegations, the couple began spending time together and appeared to be back on good terms.

However, by the middle of 2019, the couple was back to not speaking to one another, and Kail revealed at the Teen Mom 2 reunion there was “no co-parenting” happening.

Kail reportedly filed a protective order against Chris, for which he was arrested for reportedly violating in January of 2020.

Despite his arrest, the couple announced they were expecting their second baby, and despite threats to keep Chris out of the delivery room, both were present at the hospital when Creed was born in July.

With this recent paternity test, Kail and Chris continue to be at odds with one another, which could make for an even more interesting storyline on this season of Teen Mom 2.

Teen Mom 2 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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