Kail Lowry gets owned on Twitter, Teen Mom 2 star can take another L

Kailyn Lowry at the Teen Mom 2 reunion.
Kailyn Lowry is having a rough few days. Pic credit: MTV

Kailyn Lowry got owned on Twitter after complaining about all the “Ls” she has taken in 2020.

The Teen Mom 2 star has had a rough year, and it just keeps going. Kail has been making headlines since announcing her fourth pregnancy. What started as a leaked confirmation has now grown into a maternity shoot gone wrong.

Teen Mom 2 fan owns Kail

After a photo from the maternity shoot that Kailyn Lowry was mocked for was posted online, the Teen Mom 2 star released a statement asking for it not to be reposted and taken down if it was shared.

Following that, Kail got pushback from Chris Lopez, who is her baby daddy. He fathered her son Lux and the baby boy who is on the way. She clapped back at him, but he wasn’t the most savage of them all.

When Kailyn Lowry posted, “I’ve taken L after L all 2020.” With that came plenty of comments, but none funnier than what @Gina01Rose commented. She said, “More like D after D after D after D.”

At this point, Kail should know better. She always gets comments back, and in this particular instance, it was a no-brainer that someone would come for her in the most cutthroat way.

Kailyn Lowry on Twitter.
A follower owned Kailyn Lowry on Twitter. Pic credit: @KailLowry/Twitter

Why all the commotion around this photo?

Earlier this year, the Teen Mom 2 star shared a maternity photoshoot she had done. From the moment it hit the internet, she was roasted.

Kail had posed naked, wearing only boots in a horse stable. She was next to the horse, and from there, it went downhill. After the endless comments and humiliation, she removed the photo from the internet.

This was one of the “Ls” Lowry mentioned in her tweet. It has been a chaotic year for the reality star. Her pregnancy was leaked by Chris Lopez’s aunt, prompting her to reveal that she was pregnant ahead of when she wanted to. Then, the couple was up and down with rumors of domestic violence. The photoshoot was next, and then, yesterday, the new image was released.

Currently, Kail has her tweets protected. She used to have her account open, but if you don’t already follow her, you will have to request to view her tweets. After all of the drama the last two days for the reality star, it isn’t surprising that she is taking a more protected approach to social media from now on.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus but it is expected to return to MTV later this year.

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