JoJo Fletcher launches new Etsy line, hits up The Bachelorette set after postponing wedding

JoJo Fletcher
JoJo Fletcher launches her own Etsy line. Pic credit: ABC

JoJo Fletcher may be best known for her lead role on The Bachelorette a couple of years ago, but she’s taking a step in a new direction.

She isn’t letting COVID-19 hold her down and she isn’t letting a quarantine stop her career dreams.

This week, it was announced that JoJo is launching a limited-time interiors line with Etsy, a line that shows off her personal taste.

It’s no secret that she has a passion for interior design and her followers kept asking her for more information about what she likes and how she designs.

It made perfect sense for her to launch some interior products for her followers.

JoJo Fletcher is launching her own Etsy line

JoJo announced the news this week, revealing that her new line with Etsy is now available for purchase. Etsy also eagerly promoted the new line.

According to The Province, JoJo felt that there was a huge interest from her followers to learn more about home decorating after her appearance on Cash Pad, a show where they turned properties into short-term rentals with big returns.

“When we’re working on Cash Pad and we’re working on different Airbnbs in different locations, it’s obviously really catered to who we think the guests are going to be and what the guests are going to like,” JoJo explained about the new line, according to the website.

“For my personal style, I’m more minimal and laid-back, with playful touches. I’m really drawn to organic textures and textiles. But, I do like to add a little pop of color here and there for personality.”

Jojo Fletcher
Pic credit: @Etsy/Instagram

The collection has a summer vibe, which is perfect for everyone who has stayed home because of COVID-19. The line is called JoJo Fletcher x Etsy summer collection.

While she doesn’t explain how she got involved with Etsy, she does reveal that she was super excited when the opportunity surfaced to work with the online e-shop, adding she was “so, so thrilled.”

“I have been a huge fan of Etsy over the years, and a customer of Etsy,” JoJo says. “For me, it’s the place that I go when I want to find that one-of-a-kind, completely unique piece that completes my spaces.”

These beautiful summer cups are perfect for hanging out in the backyard during a hot summer day.

Jojo Fletcher
Pic credit: @Etsy/Instagram

But JoJo didn’t design and create all of these items herself. In fact, she started with an idea of the pieces she wanted to create for her Etsy line and then decided to do collaborations with other designers. She worked directly with the Etsy team to find 15 makers who wanted to collaborate with her on this line.

Etsy has over a million incredible artists to work with, so she had to find some that were true to her taste and her ideas.

Jojo Fletcher
Pic credit: @Etsy/Instagram

“I think what it just came down to was figuring out what I wanted the collection to represent and what pieces I wanted to fill it with — and then going and finding different Etsy-makers that have the same kind of esthetic and design vision as I did,” JoJo explains of the process.

“The whole point of this collaboration is to take what these artists already do, because it’s so beautiful, and put my little touch on it. So that we can create something new that represents both of us.”

JoJo Fletcher
Pic credit: @Etsy/Instagram

During her interview, she revealed that she had not reached out to fellow Bachelorette alum Jillian Harris. Jillian is known as an interior designer and has hosted Love It Or List It: Vancouver, where she was the interior designer on the show for families who didn’t know whether they wanted to keep their home or list it.

However, JoJo adds that Jillian has been a role model for her and she thinks Jillian is amazing. She explains that she loves the work that she does and all of her designs. She points out that perhaps she should give Jillian a call.

Jojo Fletcher
Pic credit: @Etsy/Instagram

It’s a limited edition and you can shop it now on Etsy.

JoJo Fletcher had big plans for the summer before COVID-19

Prior to her Etsy line becoming public knowledge, JoJo and her fiance Jordan had planned to tie the knot this summer. JoJo and her fiance Jordan Rodgers recently appeared on The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever, where they revealed that they were postponing their wedding until next year because of COVID-19.

At the time, they explained that their family members were scattered around the country and they didn’t want to ask people to fly during these unprecedented times.

JoJo was recently invited to the Bachelorette set to take over as host for Chris Harrison, as he left the set to make sure his son was sent off to college in Texas. He was back on the set within a week.

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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