Chris Harrison forced into quarantine and JoJo Fletcher will host according to conflicting Bachelorette reports

Bachelor host Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison is forced into quarantine after leaving the Bachelorette set. Pic credit: ABC

Chris Harrison is making headlines in the Bachelor Nation this morning because he decided to leave the set in the middle of filming.

During a regular season, this may not have been a big issue. In fact, contestants and viewers may not have noticed that he was gone.

However, in COVID-19 times and everyone having to undergo testing and quarantine, it is a big deal.

Chris decided to leave the set this week because he wanted to take his son to college. It’s a monumental time for parents, so it’s understandable.

But since he had to leave the state and travel, he can’t just walk back onto the set.

Chris Harrison will be replaced with JoJo Fletcher

Yesterday, Reality Steve confirmed that the rumors were true. Chris will be replaced with JoJo Fletcher, a former Bachelorette star.

He points out that there is something fishy going on as the dates don’t match up. While a recommended quarantine time is about 14 days, he guesses that cast and crew only quarantined for a week. He believes that Chris missing 14 days of filming is much more than two rose ceremonies.

Reality Steve
Reality Steve confirms that JoJo is taking over for Chris. Pic credit: @realitysteve/Instagram

As for Chris, he didn’t appear to regret his decision to leave the set. He admitted that he thought dropping his son off at college in Texas would crush him, but he was excited for his son.

Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison dropped off his son at college. Pic credit: @chrisbharrison/Instagram

He didn’t mention anything about returning to the set and quarantining. However, viewers have plenty of questions about how the producers are handling his return.

In fact, some people are now guessing that JoJo did not quarantine before taking over as the host. An Instagram account called @newsnextdoor reveals that JoJo hasn’t been in quarantine. In fact, her Instagram account reveals she’s been in Puerto Rico.

“Update I was right Jojo has NOT BEEN QUARANTINE.. it’s very obvious she has been posting on her stories until yesterday what a coincidence, but yeah also been hearing from people that she has been in Puerto Rico,” the account wrote.

“Yikes wouldn’t be surprised if filming stopped since there being irresponsible with so many people going in and out NONE HAVE QUARANTINED. why make Chris Harrison quarantine when others haven’t?? makes no sense this is ridiculous lol,” the account continued.

Chris and JoJo
JoJo, who is taking over for Chris, has been in Puerto Rico. Pic credit: @newsnextdoor/Instagram

The account also pointed to a comment from someone who suggested that producers should have used someone already on the set who had been in quarantine.

JoJo and Jordan Rodgers recently spoke to Chris on The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever, sharing that they were doing well. JoJo and Jordan revealed that they are postponing their wedding to next summer. They were supposed to get married this summer, but COVID-19 changed their plans.

Chris Harrison is supposedly angry with the decision

Now that we know that JoJo will take over for Chris, we are left with questions about Chris. There are conflicting reports about how he’s handling the news. And as @bachelornation.scoop points out, we still don’t know what is correct.

ET is reporting that a source says that everything was planned and that there was no surprise in Chris having to quarantine upon his return.

Conflicting reports
There are conflicting reports about Chris’ opinion about his quarantine. Pic credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

However, US Weekly is reporting that Chris insisted on dropping off his son in Texas but wasn’t happy about having to quarantine Palm Springs for two weeks to protect the contestants and crew on set.

Chris hasn’t commented on sources that claimed he was angry with the decision to quarantine again. But he has been vocal about other Bachelorette-related news.

Chris previously spoke out about Matt James being removed from Clare Crawley’s season to star on his own season of The Bachelor. He was named the lead for the 2021 season, which is expected to air in January.

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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