Joe Gorga tries to defend Teresa Giudice during conversation with the Goldschneiders

Joe Giudice comes to Teresa Giudice's defense after the spreads cheating rumors about the Goldschneiders
Joe Gorga tries to defend sister, Teresa Giudice. Pic credit: Bravo

Joe Gorga is coming to sister Teresa Giudice’s defense, but the Goldschneiders are not having it!

Teresa kicked off a firestorm a few weeks ago when she spread a rumor that Evan Goldschneider was supposedly cheating on his wife, Jackie.

Jackie confronted the OG but things escalated when Gia’s name was thrown into the mix.

Meanwhile, the Goldschneiders were outraged and angered that the RHONJ star was spreading such a vicious rumor.

So Jackie decided to skip out on the cast trip to avoid any further drama with her costar.

However, both Jackie and Evan will make a reappearance with the group after taking a much-needed break from the cast.

In a clip for the latest episode, the Goldschneiders meetup for drinks with Melissa and Joe Gorga.

Jackie and Evan Goldschneider put on a united front

After being MIA from the group for the past two episodes Jackie Goldschneider decided to meet up with friend Melissa Gorga.

And both women brought their husbands along for the ride.

However, things got a little tense when the cheating rumor was brought into the conversation — as seen in a clip posted by Bravo.

Jackie started off the conversation by it making it clear to Joe and Melissa that the Gia situation was an analogy and nothing more.

“The Gia thing was such an analogy,“ remarked the 44-year-old. “The fact that she [Teresa] thought I was really saying something about Gia… not my intention, so sorry…”

And while Melissa made it clear that she knew Jackie meant no harm, Joe came to his sister’s defense.

Joe Gorga tries to defend Teresa Giudice

After Jackie’s apology, Joe Gorga questioned if things were now fine between Teresa and the Goldschneiders.

“So you guys alright or what?” said Joe.

“Listen, I felt this whole week was one of the worst,” responded Jackie. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt that low in my adult life. And I had to tell him [Evan], I don’t think we’ve had a conversation like that since we’ve been together.”

The RHONJ star continued, “I know it’s your sister and I know it’s your sister-in-law, but everything about it was low and gross and disgusting.”

Joe then came to his sister’s defense.

“You know the way I look at it, she might have heard something — could’ve been from some wacko. I think she came out to look after you,” said Joe.

“Women stick together, I don’t know,” he added.

And while it was certainly an attempt to defend his sister, the others just weren’t buying it. “Oh stop it,” responded Jackie.

And Joe’s wife Melissa wasn’t exactly buying his excuse for Teresa either.

As they flashed to Melissa’s confessional she retorted, “I know he wants to defend his sister, but I mean come on.”

The full scene will play out when Episode 4 airs.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.


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