Joe Gorga says people don’t know how he feels amid feud with sister Teresa Giudice

Joe Gorga on the red carpet.
Joe Gorga shared cryptic messages following Teresa Giudice’s wedding. Pic credit: ©

Over the weekend, Teresa Giudice married Luis Ruelas in a lavish ceremony. 

The couple exchanged vows in front of 220 guests, but Teresa’s brother Joe Gorga was not one of them.

He took to Instagram to post a not so coded message, saying that people don’t know how he feels.

Viewers have witnessed Joe and Teresa’s rocky relationship since the Gorgas joined the show in Season 3 behind the OG’s back. 

Joe reportedly made a last-minute decision not to attend his only sister’s wedding after a huge fight. 

Melissa and Joe have also said that they don’t regret their decision. Joe even posted a now-deleted post on Instagram where he wrote, “Blood doesn’t make you family.”

Joe Gorga shares post on Instagram saying people don’t know how he feels 

Joe vented on Instagram and posted this message, “People always say… ‘I know how you feel.’ Nah. You really don’t.”

Viewers guessed this post had something to do with his ongoing feud with his sister. They took to the comments to share their opinions. 

Some fans thought that Joe should have put his feelings aside and showed up for his sister on her big day. 

RHONJ fans comment that Joe Gorga should have shown up for his sister’s wedding 

Many fans commented on Joe’s post, saying he should have been there for his sister. Some even pointed out that it should have been Joe that walked Teresa down the aisle. 

They thought his post was an attempt for Joe to play the victim and garner some sympathy. 

One viewer wrote, “I do not defend everything Teresa says or does but for her day you should have been there.”

RHONJ viewer comment on Joe Gorga's Instagram post
Pic credit: @joeygorga/Instagram

Another fan shared her opinion, writing, “This is sad no one wins. But seeing her walk down the aisle without her dad or her brother was . Regardless of what happened this was an important moment. Differences should have been put aside and dealt with after. There are no rewinds in life.”

RHONJ viewer comment
Pic credit: @l.conquerall/Instagram

Another fan assumed that Joe skipped his sister’s wedding because of his wife. She wrote, “I know how you feel because I’ve fucked up before and disappointed my deceased parents at times too. You could have gone, by yourself sat alone in back quietly then skipped the party. No class at all Joe.”

Pic credit: @joeygorga/Instagram

Joe Gorga has been posting a lot of cryptic messages lately

Joe ended last season on shaky grounds with his sister Teresa. She didn’t defend him when Jennifer Aydin called him a “b**ch boy.” On the contrary, she said Jennifer was right as Joe inserted himself too much in the women’s business. 

Many reports say that the two siblings have been fighting again this season. 

On July 21, Joe took to Instagram to write, “I love you so much that even when you hurt me I tried to understand you.”

A week before had shared another cryptic post talking about trust this time. He wrote, “Be careful who you trust. Salt and Sugar look the same.” He captioned the post, “Looks can be deceiving.”

The Turning Table author has yet to comment on the feud. Instead, she shared a clip of her wedding and left for her honeymoon. 

Teresa’s wedding special is expected to air after Season 13 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently on hiatus.

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