Joe Gorga posts about revenge and it backfires as RHONJ fans call him out

Joe Gorga posts cryptic messages about revenge.
Fans of RHONJ call out Joe for posting about revenge. Pic credit: ©

Another day, another inspirational post by Joe Gorga.

Joe recently took to social media a couple of days ago and posted a picture of himself on a yacht. 

He was standing arms open towards the sky, wearing white shorts and a black T-shirt. 

Above him, he added the following quote, “NEVER SEEK REVENGE… ROTTEN FRUIT WILL FALL BY ITSELF.”

In his caption, Joe asked fans if they agreed with the sentiment.

However, they were quick to question whether he was referring to his sister, The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice. 

RHONJ viewers call out Joe Giudice

Viewers seem to disagree with Joe, as they believed he was taking uncalled digs at his sister. They even proceeded to give him some advice.

One commenter wrote, “Jo you need to let go of this hurt. It’s consuming you & as long as you keep it in the present you’ll NEVER be able to move forward.”

Another fan said, “Then why are you always trying to get revenge on your sister by causing drama on social media & leaking fake stories to the press & blogs?”

They encouraged Joe to stop talking about Teresa, even stating that Teresa is ignoring him and his wife and only talking about her new projects.

Fans of the RHONJ react to Joe Gorga's perceived digs at his sister, Teresa Giudice.
Pic credit: @joeygorga/Instagram

Another fan echoed the same sentiment, asking Joe to get on with this life and not stay stuck in the past.

They wrote, “You are still so mad/upset. Please try to let it go. Anger guides you subconsciously and Revenge is just ONE of the visible signs of anger.”

Viewers tell Joe Gorga it's time for him to move on from the drama with his sister, Teresa Giuidce.
Pic credit: @joeygorga/Instagram

Other fans have called for him and his wife, Melissa Gorga to stop with the encrypted posts.

Teresa Giudice and her brother Joe Gorga had a falling out

Joe got into a physical altercation with Teresa’s then fiancé Luis Ruelas at the finale of the show. Security had to intervene to break up the fight. 

Joe blamed Teresa because there were rumors that Melissa had cheated on him, which he believed Teresa to be the source of. He then decided to skip Teresa and Luis’ wedding a few days later. 

Teresa has denied spreading any rumor, but she recently said that she is done with her brother. While attending Kourtney Kardashian’s BooHoo fashion show, she revealed that although the whole situation is sad, there is no going back. Teresa and Joe have now lost both their parents and are each other’s only siblings.

Teresa joined the new season of Dancing with the Stars

Teresa is focusing on the future and her new endeavors. Last night, she had her first performance on the premiere of Dancing with the Stars.

During her dance routine, in typical Teresa fashion, she flipped a table at the start of her performance. Her husband, Luis was in the audience along with her daughter Milania rooting for her. Her good friend Jennifer Aydin urged fans to vote for Teresa as she held a viewing party to watch the show.

Although the Turning Tables author seemed nervous during her performance, she and her dance partner had a good enough impression on the judges to be selected to continue the competition.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently on hiatus. Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays at 8/7c on Disney+

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1 year ago

Joe & Melissa this is probably the best thing that could have happened to you. Teresa is a virus that keeps coming back. She’s a narcissist. You don’t need the BS in your life. She’s no sister to either one of you. She’s been hurting you guys for a long time. Get on with your own family & be happy. Don’t forget- KARMA is a B*tch.