Jisela Delgado of The Challenge: All Stars responds to fan asking if she and Alton Williams are still together

jisela delgado from the challenge all stars episode confessional
The Challenge’s Jisela Delgado recently answered several fans asking about her and Alton Williams. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars featured a few flirty situations, cuddling, and possible hookups during the season, but one seemed to take center stage over others. That involved Jisela Delgado and her castmate Alton Williams.

The two were shown getting to know each other better in one episode. They continued to work as allies and possibly explore a relationship while competing on the spinoff series.

Just recently, Jisela addressed whether or not she and Alton are still together after the All Stars season ended filming. While they could be, it looks like there will be more to be said about it.

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Spoilers will follow in this article up through The Challenge: All Stars Episode 8 on Paramount Plus.

Jisela and Alton’s relationship started during All Stars

Jisela Delgado, now 40, has appeared on three seasons of The Challenge during her career in reality TV. That included Battle of the Seasons (2002), Battle of the Sexes, and The Gauntlet 2. Alton, 41, was on four seasons, including The Gauntlet 2 which he won.

However, Jisela said during a confessional on All Stars that despite being on that season with Alton, she didn’t remember him much. During the spinoff show, she definitely took notice of him, commenting on his positive attributes that were on display.

The two were featured in footage during an early episode as they talked, revealed feelings for each other, and then enjoyed a bit more of each other’s company in a room at The Challenge house.

Their in-house romance seemed to blossom as they became close and worked as allies through the season. By Episode 8, both Alton and Jisela were amongst the 12 competitors in the final.

However, one team had to be eliminated from the running after the first day of competition. Unfortunately, that team was Derrick Kosinski and Jisela as they reached Checkpoint No. 2 in last place.

Once the other teams saw that, Alton gave comments in his confessional interview saying he was “bummed” to see Derrick and Jisela out of the final since they were two of his favorites. Jisela said in her confessional she “had a blast” during All Stars and would see Alton after it was done filming.

Jisela responds to fan asking about her and Alton

On May 19, Jisela sent out a tweet to remind fans to check out Episode 8 of All Stars. Her post also included her smiling face side-by-side with Alton’s smiling face.

“See y’all tomorrow!! #TheChallengeAllStars And yes #Alton knows I post him and carry on about him on SM. I even send him your post so he can laugh a little about all of this,” Jisela tweeted.

That would seem to confirm that these two are still seeing each other, right? It’s unclear what the full situation is, as Jisela said she couldn’t give any insight into their situation due to being “watched” as far as what she tweets.

“yay!! Are you guys together?” one fan said in a comment on Jisela’s tweet.

“I can’t really answer that we still have 3 episodes to go and I don’t want to ruin anything. I’m sorry hun. (Lol they always watching our posts and tweets ?),” Jisela replied back.

jisela delgado addresses alton situation in tweet
Pic credit: @JiselaDelgado/Twitter

In another tweet, a fan asked if Alton would come back to do another Challenge, possibly the All Stars, if more spinoff seasons are announced.

Jisela said that she and Alton have discussed that, which probably points to the fact the two talk quite a bit since All Stars filming ended. Jisela also mentioned he might go on a second season without her, though.

That could be due to her injury situation, which she sustained in All Stars Episode 7 during the elimination. Jisela’s gone on to say she had surgery on her knee and needed rehabilitation after the show filmed.

jisela delgado tweet about alton returning for the challenge
Pic credit: @JiselaDelgado/Twitter

Many fans seem to be fully supporting this Jisela and Alton relationship as All Stars helped bring them together. While Jisela is done as far as the final, she’ll be back for The Challenge: All Stars reunion, or at the very least, probably spilling some tea about her relationship on social media once the season ends.

Ahead of that, fans will be watching All Stars Episode 9 to see if her guy Alton claims the $500,000 win at the final.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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