How old is The Challenge: All Stars cast? Age for Beth Stolarczyk, Mark Long, and other OG competitors

the challenge all stars cast episode 1
The Challenge: All Stars cast appears in Episode 1 of the spinoff series. Pic credit: Paramount+

With the arrival of The Challenge: All Stars spinoff season, many of the competitors are returning to the game older and more experienced in life. For some, it’s been close to 20 years since they participated in a season of The Challenge.

That made one of the first episodes’ music choices, Feels Like the First Time by Foreigner, that much more appropriate as a reintroduction theme song for many of the Challenge legends.

OGs Mark Long and Beth Stolarczyk lead the elder cast members, while there are also some younger stars on the spinoff as well. The average age as of this report for OGs as of the first season is 41 years old. In fact, six of the All Stars are currently that age.

The overall age range for the All Stars cast is anywhere from 32 up to 52, but it’s hard to tell who’s which age based on their youthful appearances and abilities.

Mark Long, Beth Stolarczyk among classic All Stars

In terms of age-defying All Stars cast members, OG Beth Stolarczyk leads the way. The Real World: Los Angeles star returns for The Challenge at the age of 52 as of the show’s premiere episode, and many castmates or fans say they wouldn’t have guessed it.

She’s now a mother and wife, and that was under the spotlight in All Stars Episode 4 as she struggled with being away from her home and family. However, at age 52, she is continuing to compete and wants to prove she still has what it takes. Some feel she may even be able to return to the regular show.

She’s also been quite social with her fellow castmates, often hosting get togethers or viewing parties for the All Stars episodes to keep the love going for the show.

The same goes for her castmate Mark Long, who is not only a competitor but an executive producer on All Stars. He checks in at age 49 and will turn 50 in June 2021. The Godfather, as he’s referred to, is still chiseled like in his previous Challenge days and still appears to be a force in the game years after he left.

Several months after Mark reaches the age of 50, his castmate Syrus Yarbrough will also reach the milestone age. Syrus originated on The Real World: Boston and is certainly amongst fan favorites. He’s already been featured in several alliances on All Stars and looks like a savvy mastermind in terms of the political game.

No other cast members are near the age of 50, with Teck Holmes at age 45 the next closest. Most cast members are in their early 40s, including Double Agents star Darrell Taylor, 41 years old. He’ll most likely appear on both shows over the next few years, but that remains to be seen.

The Challenge’s Jonna, Jemmye among younger stars

While many of the OGs are 40 and above, there are several in their early-to-mid-30s competing on The Challenge: All Stars. The youngest of them all is Jemmye Carroll. She was born on August 5, 1988, and is currently age 32. Jemmye debuted on The Real World: New Orleans and has been on seven regular seasons of The Challenge.

Jonna Mannion is also 32 but born in November 1988, making her and Jonna the youngest of the All-Stars cast members. Next up is Kellyanne Judd at 34, followed by Nehemiah Clark at 35 years old.

Three other OG competitors are in their 30s. They are Derrick Kosinski, 37, Eric “Big Easy” Banks, 39, and The Challenge: Double Agents’ Aneesa Ferreira who is also 39 years old.

Aneesa has appeared on 14 seasons of MTV’s The Challenge, and three spinoff seasons, including All-Stars. She’s still in search of a win at one of TJ’s finals, though.

Based on cast rumors for The Challenge Season 37, fans will see at least one of the All Stars back for another run at TJ’s final on the regular season. However, based on the age-defying performances and abilities shown on the spinoff, many of these stars seem ready to return to the MTV show’s battleground.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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