Jill Duggar slammed for posting coffin photo on Instagram

Jill Duggar selfie from a resale event.
Jill Duggar is being slammed on Instagram. Pic credit: Instagram/jillmdillard

Jill Duggar shares a lot on Instagram. From her promotion of MLM products to her desire to become an influencer, most of the posts are centered around ads or her family.

Earlier this week, the Duggar family hosted a reception following the funeral of a little boy. That little boy was not more than a month old and was the younger brother of Tyler Hutchins, the little boy that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are raising.

There have been no details about the death. Timothy was born in September and passed away recently. Tyler has been a part of the Duggar family for a while now, even appearing on Counting On. His mother, Rachel, is Michelle Duggar’s niece.

It is unclear why the family hosted the reception at their home, but that is what happened. The event took place on Monday, October 14 following the burial of little Timothy.

Jill Duggar shared a photo of the little boy’s casket with flowers on top of it to Instagram. While the response was mixed, it touched a nerve for several followers who were outraged she would share such a personal thing.

Fans outraged over Jill Duggar's Instagram photo.
Jill Duggar shared the casket photo on Instagram. Pic credit: Instagram/jillmdillard

Despite the backlash regarding the casket photo, Jill Duggar has allowed it to remain. Some followers called her out for sharing such an intimate moment with strangers on the internet. Others slammed her as tacky. Still, the photo is posted on social media and remains the most recent photo shared on her account.

While Jill Duggar is no longer actively a part of Counting On, viewers still follow her on social media. She has shared her life, including the hard moments. Jill was also the first member of the Duggar family to share a photo of Amy Duggar King’s first child. She often receives harsh criticisms about what she chooses to do, but that has not stopped her yet.

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