Jersey Shore’s Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi reacts after Pink takes a shot at her

Snooki of Jersey Shore Family Vacation.
Snooki responds after finding out Pink called her out. Pic credit: @snooki/Instagram

Jersey Shore Family Vacation star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was taken aback after hearing that pop star Pink had thrown a dig her way.

Nicole took to social media to share her surprise at the news.

The snub came Snooki’s way after Pink made a post and called out Rolling Stone magazine for being irrelevant.

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The post was shared by a critic who referred to Rolling Stone magazine as “trash” because famous singer Celine Dion didn’t make the publication’s 200 Greatest Singers of All Time list.

Pink went on a separate rant claiming that Rolling Stone’s credibility “went to sh*t when “style over substance” and “revenue over authenticity” went into play.”

She then used Snooki in her argument and said, “That’s when Snooki became acceptable coverage. Give me a f*****g break. Do your homework.”

Critic takes shot at Rolling Stone Magazine.
Pic credit: @SoWhatBlowMe/Twitter

The singer seemed incredibly disappointed with Rolling Stone’s choices in news coverage over the years and didn’t seem to agree with reality TV stars like Snooki getting the spotlight over many talented musicians.

Pink calls out Snooki.
Pic credit: @SoWhatBlowMe/Twitter

Jersey Shore’s Snooki comments on Pink’s snub at her

While Snooki didn’t appear to be the direct target of Pink’s rant, her words didn’t seem to sting any less.

Upon seeing the comment, Snooki took to Twitter to share her disbelief.

She wrote, “Omg i never saw this! Pink came for me? The f******* lol.”

Snooki reacts to Pink's comment.
Pic credit: @snooki/Twitter

One fan tried cheering Snooki up by pointing out that she just got “caught in the crossfire” and reminded her to look on the bright side in that she’s “the new face of “acceptable coverage” [laughing emoji]”

Snooki found humor in the post and replied, “LOL I’m screaming.”

Fans respond to Snooki's post.
Pic credit: @snooki/Twitter

Snooki’s Jersey Shore costar and best friend Jenni “JWOWW” Farley also chimed in with her disappointment over the entire ordeal.

She said, “Ugh I love her so much too [sad emoji] why she have to throw u into this? [sad emoji]”

Jenni chimes in on Snooki's post.
Pic credit: @snooki/Twitter

Snooki will appear in the new season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation

While there may be some disagreement as to whether Snooki is “acceptable coverage” for Rolling Stone magazine, her fan base will be thrilled to catch up with her and her costars when the new season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation begins this month.

Season 6 returns with the cast taking part in several adventures together, including a trip to New Orleans. Viewers will also catch a glimpse at Vinny Guadagnino’s journey on Dancing with the Stars.

With undoubtedly more shenanigans in store, fans won’t want to miss a minute when the new season returns on January 26.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 6 premieres Thursday, January 26 at 8/7c on MTV.

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