Jersey Shore’s Mike Sorrentino and his family called ‘scumbags’ by estranged brother Maximo

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino on Jersey Shore Family Vacation
Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is blasted by his brother Maximo on social media. Pic credit: MTV

Jersey Shore Family Vacation star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has had a contentious relationship with his brother Maximo Sorrentino for quite some time now and Maximo is taking to social media to call out his brother and the rest of his family.

Maximo posted on Twitter about an emergency surgery he needed as he thanked people for their prayers and advice. He also added that the condition “could take my life while in surgery or immediately after it concludes.”

He then shared that he did not hear from his family members and tagged each one of them individually to call them out.

He labeled his family’s lack of outreach as “the biggest disrespect anyone has ever done” to him.

In a separate post on Instagram, Maximo shared a photo from his hospital room.

In the post, he referred to his family as “scumbags” and instructed them to never speak to him again.

In addition to the posts about his medical situation, Maximo claimed in a separate post that his father stole his identity in order to procure credit cards, auto loans, and bank accounts.

Jersey Shore’s Mike Sorrentino called the cops on his brother Maximo

Maximo’s latest posts come following last month when Mike called the cops on him when he showed up unexpectedly at his home.

Mike claimed his brother was mentally ill and addicted to meth and he called the police to protect his family.

TMZ reported that Maximo “excessively” rang the doorbell and was ooking into their glass windows in an attempt to drop off bags of gifts to give to Mike, Lauren, and their new baby Romeo.

Several fans came after Mike for not allowing his brother to drop off the gifts and he was quick to defend himself given their past history.

Mike Sorrentino filed harrassment charges against Maximo

Prior to Maximo showing up at his home unannounced, he and Mike had been on bad terms with each other.

TMZ shared that Mike filed harassment charges against his brother in July because he felt Maximo was “behaving erratically” and he would prefer to have advanced notice prior to his brother just showing up at his house.

While he didn’t want his brother arrested, he felt the need to protect his family first and foremost.

Following the incidents, Mike also shared a Twitter post where he let followers know that “Not everyone has access” to him because he wants “peace more than attention.”

Mike Sorrentino on Jersey Shore Family Vacation
Mike shares that he wants peace. Pic credit: @ItsTheSituation/Twitter

Mike has yet to publicly respond to Maximo’s latest posts bashing him and the rest of his family.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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