Jersey Shore’s Deena Cortese posts birthday tribute to Chris Buckner as fans gush that he’s their ‘favorite’

Jersey Shore Family Vacation's Deena Cortese and Chris Buckner
Jersey Shore’s Deena Cortese shares birthday tribute for Chris as fans show their love for him. Pic credit: MTV

Jersey Shore Family Vacation’s Deena Cortese shared a loving tribute to her husband Chris Buckner on his birthday.

She shared several adorable photos of both her and Chris together as well as pictures with their two sons, CJ, 3, and Cameron, ten months.

In a heartfelt post, Deena acknowledged that Chris was “always down for my crazy but cute ideas.”

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She thanked him “for being such an amazing husband and full hands on daddy.”

Before telling him she loved him, she wrote, “we’re so lucky to have you Christopher .. your our families rock and such a hard working man .. you work so hard to give our family the best life.”

It turns out Deena isn’t the only one to have such adoration and appreciation for Chris — several of her followers chimed in, sharing similar sentiments.

They took to the comment section and gushed over what a great guy he is. Some even labeled him as their “favorite” significant other on Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

Jersey Shore fans gush about Chris Buckner after Deena Cortese shared a birthday tribute to him

Jersey Shore Family Vacation fans are absolutely loving Chris this season, and they weren’t shy about letting Deena know that in the comments section of her birthday tribute to him.

One follower chimed in to wish Chris a “Happy Birthday” before labeling him as their “favorite husband on the show.”

Another shared how they’d “caught on that he’s hilarious in the background of the show.”

A third person didn’t think Chris realized the number of fans he actually had and added, “We love you!”

Fans gush over Chris.
Fans gush over Chris. Pic credit: @deenanicole/Instagram

The compliments for Chris just came streaming in as another fan said he seemed “like a gem,” and they applauded him for “taking awesome care [of] your wife and boys!!”

One commenter shared, “My husband and I think [Chris] is hilarious on the show! A lot of the time, we rewind to hear his jokes.”

Some additional appreciation for Deena and her positive energy was thrown in as a fan thought she “made the show a better place.”

And others just “loved seeing” Deena and Chris filming together.

Fans gush over Chris.
Fans gush over Chris. Pic credit: @deenanicole/Instagram

Chris Buckner supports Deena Cortese on Jersey Shore Family Vacation

Chris has filmed with Deena for the last few seasons ever since the Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast started taking their trips with their kids and significant others.

This idea started due to the restrictions in place because of COVID-19, and the whole group quarantined together with their families while filming.

Chris appears to fit right in with the rest of the cast and has even done confessionals with Deena. He also supported the recent prank she played on the group as they staged someone’s murder.

The prank has ultimately deemed Deena as the current “prank war champion,” and Chris proudly helped her gain that title.

Fans will have a chance to see more of Chris as the new season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation continues.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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