Jersey Shore: Mike and Lauren Sorrentino share details about their first date & his biggest regret

mike sorrentino and lauren sorrentino
Mike Sorrentino and his wife Lauren shared details about their first date and Mike’s most regretful Jersey Shore moment in a new interview. Pic credit: MTV

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation couple Mike Sorrentino and his wife Lauren shared details about their first date in an interview with Us Weekly where they played a version of the old television series Newlywed Game titled The Newly Married Game.

The couple admitted that their first date was likely 20 years ago, when both were just starting college at the age of 18.

Both revealed that they were likely just watching a movie and eating dinner together.

“I just did movies and dinner,” Lauren, 36, said. “We are, like, so old that like we dated back when you would go to Blockbuster.”

Mike agreed with his wife and replied, “That’s what I’m saying — DVD and chill. And obviously out to dinner. We definitely went to Italian first, pasta and pizza, and then back to DVD and [chill].”

He also added that he loved going to Blockbuster and said it “was the best.” He claimed that he loved going to the store to walk around and “be amazed at what you want to pick out, with all the popcorn and snacks.”

Mike and Lauren found they recalled the same things about their relationship

The twosome, who are expecting their first child, a son, any day now, agreed that it was Mike who said those three little words “I love you” first before Lauren expressed her own feelings about their relationship.

“I just know his personality and I know my personality, especially back then — I was very guarded. So even if I had feelings, I never shared that. Like, I’d wait until it was safe, like smooth sailing,” she admitted.

Mike admitted his astrological sign had something to do with quickly realizing his feelings for his then-girlfriend-turned-wife.

“I’m a Cancer, so we put our feelings out there pretty quickly. I definitely said it,” Mike explained. “It was during college. We were college sweethearts. Maybe actually 17 years ago when we first met.”

Mike admitted his biggest Jersey Shore regret

Mike played the figurative villain of the Jersey Shore house throughout six seasons of the series. He battled with all of his roommates and found a way to alienate himself from the group throughout many uncomfortable moments in the series.

Mike admitted his biggest regret throughout the filming of Jersey Shore, which involved the cast’s adventures in Italy.

“If there is anything, it would have to be the head butt in Italy,” Mike said of his argument with Ronnie Ortiz-Magro. After throwing both punches and furniture, Mike smashed his head against the wall out of anger and collapsed on the floor. He went to the hospital where he was diagnosed with head and neck trauma and strain.

“That wasn’t your best moment,” Lauren added.

Mike admitted that Italy was his worst season. “I was not at my best self and I was making bad choices. Bad choices as in, you know, substances. That was sort of like me hitting a wall literally and figuratively as well.”

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation will debut Season 4 beginning Thursday June 3 at 8/7c on MTV.

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