Jersey Shore Family Vacation’s Mike Sorrentino says Angelina Pivarnick is a ‘bully’

Mike Sorrentino of Jersey Shore Family Vacation.
Jersey Shore’s Mike Sorrentino defends his actions and says it makes for “good TV.” Pic credit: @mikethesituation/Instagram

The new season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation has shown a different side to Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino.

The new and improved Mike that fans have come to love and respect seems to be reverting to some of his old ways by stirring the pot with some drama with his castmates.

He’s received a lot of attention from viewers after he meddled into Angelina Pivarnick’s love life and spread information about her allegedly cheating on her husband, Chris Larangeira.

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He also talked to Chris, who told him Angelina leaked the wedding speech audio herself, and Mike passed on that information to his costars without talking to Angelina about it first.

As each new episode has aired, Angelina has become increasingly frustrated with Mike, who until now has been supportive of her amid her marriage issues.

The two have gone back and forth on social media as they’ve thrown jabs at one another, but Mike is standing firm in his beliefs and has had a lot to say about Angelina.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation’s Mike Sorrentino says Angelina Pivarnick is a ‘bully’

Mike has taken a lot of heat from fans who have started to take sides between him and Angelina.

While some think Mike was wrong to spread information without verifying with Angelina that it was true, others have commended him for being real with his friend and calling her out when she’s done something wrong.

When Angelina said it was “pretty sad” the way Mike handled things as she was “stressed” and “alone” he quickly quipped back at her and defended his actions.

He said Angelina had a “condition known as liabetes” and that “she lies more than she tells the truth.”

Now, not only has he shot back at Angelina’s comment but he’s taken it a step further and referred to her as a “bully.”

He took to Twitter and said, “I don’t know [how] this girl gets a favorable edit. She plays the victim on our show and the bully on all star shore…doesn’t add up.”

Mike calls Angelina a "bully."
Pic credit: @ItsTheSituation/Twitter

Mike is referring to Angelina’s new reality show she appeared on called All Star Shore, where she met Luis “Potro” Caballero, with whom she allegedly cheated on Chris.

Is Angelina Pivarnick a bully on All Star Shore?

Mike referred to Angelina as a “bully” on All Star Shore, and while his comment may be harsh, she has been at the center of a lot of drama in recent episodes.

She started by targeting Love Is Blind star Giannina Gibelli and told her she didn’t like her.

She also got into a fight with her partner on the show, Joey Essex, and her costar Chloe Ferry.

Angelina continues to be the center of drama on both shows, so fans should stay tuned to see how everything plays out.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV. All Star Shore is currently streaming on Paramount Plus.

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