Jersey Shore Family Vacation: Ronnie Ortiz-Magro calls Dr. Drew for help with JWoww and Angelina Pivarnick

Dr. Drew Pinsky during an episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation
Ronnie Ortiz-Magro called Dr. Drew to help them squash the wedding drama once and for all Pic credit: MTV

Jenni Farley made her arrival in Vegas on the latest episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation and the tension between her and Angelina Pivarnick caused a lot of awkward moments.

The cast attempted their first family dinner together as an entire group and Angelina and Jenni did not make eye contact with each other at all.

The rest of the dinner was filled with awkward silences and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s attempt at spreading positivity with a toast led to more awkward silences afterward.

Angelina blasted Jenni during a confessional and said she could feel the negative energy in the room now that she was there.

After the dinner, the boys of the cast talked about the constant feeling that there was an elephant in the room.

Not sure of what to do next, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro decided to make a bold move and reached out to Dr. Drew Pinsky to see if he could help out.

Ronnie reaches out to Dr. Drew

Following the dinner, Ronnie and Vinny Guadagnino reflected on the night and mentioned how they were out of ideas on how to get the girls to talk.

Ronnie went through his phone and thought he might know someone who could help. In the past, when Ronnie had issues that felt beyond his control, he worked with Dr. Drew.

He thought that Dr. Drew’s professional expertise could be exactly what the group needed to get them all in a better place.

The boys became excited and slightly star-struck when Dr. Drew called Ronnie back and agreed to fly out to Vegas to help.

Dr. Drew talks to the cast

When Dr. Drew first got to the hotel, he met with the boys and talked to them about how the tension between Jenni and Angelina had caused them stress.

They were frustrated with being stuck in the middle and felt like they had been through worse before and couldn’t understand why the wedding drama had gone on as long as it did.

Ronnie and Mike went to grab Jenni from her room to convince her to talk to Dr. Drew.

Jenni willingly began speaking with Dr. Drew and opened up about why she was having a hard time making amends with Angelina.

As they were talking, Deena Cortese felt something was up because none of them were answering her texts. She wandered into the suite and was confused to see Dr. Drew there.

It seemed as though Dr. Drew may have a chance to get through to the girls and help the cast put an end to the wedding drama once and for all.

Fans can tune in to next week’s episode to find out what happens as Dr. Drew continues his attempt to save the family.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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