Jenny Slatten’s daughter Christina offers COVID-19 update

90 Day Fiance couple Jenny and Sumit.
90 Day Fiance couple, Jenny and Sumit, have been diagnosed with COVID-19 while living in India. Jenny’s daughter, Christina, took to social media to provide an update. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way couple, Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh, worried fans when it was revealed that the couple had contracted COVID-19.

The pair, who are currently residing in India, a country that has been ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic, were worried for Jenny’s safety when it came to contracting the virus since her age puts her in a category for the most vulnerable.

Jenny’s age has been a continuous point of contention for the couple. Throughout their time on the show, Jenny and Sumit have had to fight off nay-sayers who claim that their relationship will never stand a chance of long-term success due to their huge, almost 30 year age gap.

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So, the diagnosis of COVID-19 was an added layer of stress for the couple. Thankfully, Jenny’s daughter, Christina, took to her TikTok account to share an update on the couple and how they’re coping since their COVID-19 diagnosis.

Christina reveals how Jenny and Sumit are doing since contracting COVID-19

Jenny’s daughter, Christina, uploaded an update on Jenny and Sumit’s conditions to her TikTok recently.

“Hey guys, it’s Tina,” she began. “So, I did let you know that I was going to bring an update about my mom and Sumit. So, I did want to let you know that they are fully recovered. They are doing very, very well.”

She continued to share that Jenny is doing well and is feeling better even though she did experience some moments of fear.

“My mom is doing fantastic. She feels great. She did express to me that she was a little worried there for a second,” she continued.

Lastly, Christina passed along a message of thanks to all of their fans and followers for sending all of their support to the family while they waited to see if Jenny and Sumit would recover.

“So, from my mom, Sumit, and the rest of my family – we all wanna thank you guys so much for all the prayers and the love and the messages. We appreciate you guys so much. Please stay safe out there and we send all of our hearts and love and prayers out to everyone in India. Stay safe guys,” she concluded.

Jenny was in India when the coronavirus pandemic broke out in 2020

Jenny has remained in India throughout the coronavirus pandemic. The couple was filming for the show when the pandemic hit, and they worried what that would mean for Jenny’s tourist visa.

Thankfully, Jenny has been granted several extensions to her visa so she’s been able to stay with Sumit.

When the couple revealed they were positive for COVID-19, they thanked fans for their prayers.

“We are doing okay and hoping to recover asap,” they shared.

We’re thrilled to hear that they’ve both managed to recover from COVID-19.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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