Jenelle Evans was upset when Barbara Evans did not reply to her Mother’s Day text

Jenelle Evans on Teen Mom 2
Jenelle Evans was hurt when Barbara Evans did not respond to her Mother’s Day text message. Pic credit: MTV

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans shared a TikTok video and admitted that she was upset when her mother Barbara Evans didn’t reply to a text she sent her on Mother’s Day.

Jenelle and Barbara have not been getting along over the last couple of months as they continue to battle over custody of Jace.

Barbara has maintained custody of Jace since he was an infant, but according to Jenelle, she was having a hard time handling his behavior during the pandemic.

Jace was spending a lot of time at Jenelle’s house to get a change of scenery, and Jenelle misspoke and told fans that she was going to be getting full custody of him soon.

Barbara quickly shut down the claim and said that she was never signing over custody to Jenelle. The two have now been in a battle about it ever since, and the courts are now involved.

Despite all of the drama going on between them, Jenelle reached out to Barbara via text message to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day, but she did not get any response back.

Jenelle is upset that Barbara didn’t respond to her Mother’s Day text

Jenelle posted a TikTok video and shared with her followers that she was upset when Barbara didn’t respond to her Mother’s Day text.

She captioned the video, “Oh well #ToxicParents.”

In the video, Jenelle wished her followers a Happy Mother’s Day and thanked everyone for their Mother’s Day wishes.

She then admitted to feeling sad and said, “I said ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ to you know who, and I don’t get a response back…I’m just trying to be nice.”

Jenelle then admitted through tears that her feelings were “pretty hurt.”

Fans offer support to Jenelle

Several fans commented on Jenelle’s video and shared their support.

One fan recommended that she “let her go” and get rid of the toxic relationship in her life.

A fan wants Jenelle to move on
A fan wants Jenelle to move on. Pic credit: @Slick/TikTok

Another follower shared similar sentiments and suggested that it might be time for her to “move on” from the idea of having a good relationship with her mother and instead focus on her family.

A fan thinks Jenelle should focus on her family
A fan thinks Jenelle should focus on her family. Pic credit: @Coll/TikTok

One follower even empathized with Jenelle and shared that they understood the pain of having a mother around but not having a relationship with them.

A fan empathizes with Jenelle
A fan empathizes with Jenelle. Pic credit: @Megan/TikTok

This recent feud between Barbara and Jenelle is not the first time the mother-daughter pair have been at odds. In the past, Dr. Drew has tried to step in and help them repair their relationship.

Prior to the recent custody battle, it appeared that Barbara and Jenelle were getting along really well.

Time will tell if they’re able to get their relationship back but Jenelle may be ready to move on from that idea.

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