Jenelle Evans was ‘depressed’ and ‘lonely’ after leaving David Eason and moving to Tennessee with the kids

Former MTV star Jenelle Evans admits to being depressed after leaving David Eason and moving away
Jenelle Evans was depressed after leaving North Carolina with her kids. Pic credit:MTV

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is reflecting on the loneliness and depression she went through after her breakup from David Eason.

These days, the mom-of-three has reconciled with her husband and the two are trying to make their marriage work after years of drama and controversy.

But things were vastly different between the controversial couple in 2019.

After a series of altercations, Jenelle left David and moved to Nashville with two of her kids.

But things were tough for the teen mom and she recently shared some insight into what really happened after she left her husband.

Jenelle Evans reflects on bittersweet moments

Fans of the embattled Teen Mom 2 alum will no longer be able to follow her life on the popular MTV show.

However, Jenelle has found a way to keep fans updated about her life thanks to her new YouTube channel.

In a series titled Addicted to Growth, the 29-year-old has been giving fans a glimpse into her past and present life.

In Episode 7 of the docuseries, she opened up about how her 2019 split from David and her move to a new state.

In a snippet for the video, Jenelle wrote, “After being through lots of stress trying to move to Tennessee in 2019, I ended up taking a break for the kids…Ensley and Kaiser were so small and had no idea what we were doing away from home,” she continued.

These are bittersweet moments I will forever cherish.”

In the video, Jenelle shows video clips that were captured with Kaiser and Ensley as they moved in their new Tennessee home.

Jenelle talks about being lonely and depressed

In the docuseries, the former Teen Mom 2 star explained that the move from North Carolina was rough on her and the kids.

“It was a very big move for me and very stressful,” admitted Jenelle. I felt like it wasn’t a culture shock but to just get your two kids and leave to another state that you’ve never been to before–you have no family there– it’s just a very scary situation. So I felt uncomfortable for a while.”

The reality TV personality also confessed in Episode 8 that the move affected her mental health in more ways than people realized.

“I got back into working out, cutting out snacks and carbs, eating healthy and I also signed up for a gym membership…but I was still depressed.”

She continued, “Still lonely, still had nobody to talk to, didn’t really make friends.”

In order to get some well-needed help, Jenelle signed up for therapy twice per week and confessed, ‘It really helped me at the time.”

The MTV star will continue to share more about her life in her weekly docuseries.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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