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Jenelle Evans still taking aim at mom Barbara, says relationship with Jace is ‘toxic’

Jenelle Evans during an episode of Teen Mom 2
Jenelle Evans says Barbara Evans’ relationship with Jace is ‘toxic’ Pic credit: MTV

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans continues to have a strained relationship with her mother, Barbara Evans.

Back in January, Barbara accused Jenelle of lying about the custody situation for her son Jace.

Jenelle told fans in a TikTok video that Jace was going to start living with her full time because her mother couldn’t handle his behavior.

Barbara quickly reported to TMZ  that the information was false and that Jace had simply been spending time over Jenelle’s house like he usually did. She clarified that during the pandemic, Jace had gone back and forth between their homes for a change of scenery and he had sometimes spent three or four days at a time at Jenelle’s home.

Jenelle later told fans that she “misspoke” about their custody agreement but made it clear that she was angry with her mother for going to a news outlet behind her back.

She revealed that her mother had blocked her after their custody argument and she went into detail about their strained relationship in a YouTube video.

At the time, Jenelle said, “What hurts the most is that this is my own mother doing this to me. Back and forth, back and forth. This is why I don’t fight for Jace because when I think I can civilly get along with her and then when I get close enough and actually get him, she takes him away from me again.”

It doesn’t look like things have gotten any better between Jenelle and Barbara over the last couple of months.

Jenelle has once again taken aim at Barbara and this time, she is saying that the relationship she has with Jace is “toxic” and she’s worried that it’s not a healthy situation for her son.

Jenelle says Barbara’s relationship with Jace is ‘toxic’

During an interview with In Touch, Jenelle opened up about the current situation between Barbara and Jace.

She said, “You know, him and my mom keep butting heads so much that it’s just, they’re toxic to each other,”

Jenelle’s relationship with her mother seemed like it was in a great place prior to their argument. They even posed happily in pictures together just a few months ago and Jenelle praised Barbara for the way that she raised her.

Jenelle said that their disagreement over Jace’s custody has pushed them apart once again.

She explained that she and Barbara are “not on talking terms [now]” and said, “we just talk to drop off Jace every other weekend [and] pick [him] up.”

When she was asked if there were other contributing factors to her strained relationship with her mother, Jenelle referenced some things that transpired “behind closed doors” that caused them to need some time away from one another.

Who has custody of Jace now?

In regard to Jace’s current custody arrangement, Jenelle explained, “Right now, our custody agreement is the same as it’s always been since 2017, which is I get him every other weekend. And I get him for his two-week school breaks and again for the summer. So, it’s the same, but I have filed to go back to court and it’s all private though. So, nobody will know details.”

Jenelle said that regardless of the direction things go in, she was hoping to keep the custody information as quiet as possible in order to protect Jace and his right to privacy.

She explained that now that he is “old enough to read the news” she would like to respect him in this situation and not have him be forced to answer any questions from anyone.

Jenelle continues to face criticism from fans due to her past behaviors that led Barbara to have custody of Jace to begin with.

Jenelle insists that she has grown a lot from her early years and she is prepared to provide a good life for her son.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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