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Jenelle Evans shoots back at Farrah Abraham, calls her a prostitute

Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans won’t keep quiet after a Farrah Abraham diss. Pic credit:

Jenelle Evans has been having quite the week.

After gaining custody of two of her three children and step-daughter back, the former reality star was recently accused of making up the story of her husband killing her dog for publicity. Jenelle adamantly denies it and has given interviews to a couple of outlets to tell her side of the story.

Enter Farrah Abraham, also a former Teen Mom star who was fired from the program for continuing to participate in adult films. It’s also been heavily rumored that Farrah works as a high-end prostitute.

Farrah recently told TMZ she thought Jenelle and their other costar, Amber Portwood, had both failed as mothers. She also stated that she felt terrible for Jenelle’s children and that she believes Jenelle chose her husband over them.

Of course, Jenelle didn’t take the perceived insult lying down and went off on Twitter in a string of now-deleted tweets. 

“I think you should stop prostituting your body for companies to make money ever since you’ve been off the show. I knew about this waaaay before it was ever reported. I know EVERY company you’ve sold your body for… funny some of them do the same deals for me,” she wrote.

She then added, “You have no idea about my life and should stick to staying out of my business if you don’t want me commenting.”

Shots fired!

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