Jenelle Evans claims child abuse over recent incident with Ensley and Barbara

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans claims child abuse by the hands of her own mother. Pic credit: MTV

Jenelle Evans has broken her silence about a 911 call that her husband, David Eason, made about his mother-in-law Barbara. On her Instagram, she reveals that she and David called 911 over alleged child abuse in regards to Ensley.

It may not come as a big surprise that Jenelle is using such harsh words about her mother these days, as Barbara currently has temporary custody of one of Jenelle’s children and permanent custody of another.

Jenelle has also called her mother her biggest enemy in this custody battle, even though, without Barbara’s help, Jenelle’s kids may have been forced to enter foster care.

On Instagram, she used the hashtags “#ChildAbuse” and “#SaveEnsley.”

As we reported yesterday, David Eason called 911 because he heard that Barbara locked Ensley in a room so she could take a shower but she was unable to unlock the door again. Ensley was said to be screaming and crying.

David reportedly learned of the incident thanks to Jace, who had told him what happened. David asked the 911 operator to get Child Protective Services involved, but the operator was unable to assist with the request.

A judge ordered for the kids to be removed from Jenelle and David’s care as the judge felt Jenelle failed to protect her children when David shot and killed the family dog. Jenelle has since done everything in her power to get them back, including attending court several times a week.

But using Instagram to call out her own mother over alleged child abuse may not be the best course of action. So far, there’s been no word on whether the judge in the case will use social media outbursts as part of the custody hearings.

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