Jen Shah says she ‘slept for two days’ after filming ‘explosive’ RHOSLC reunion

RHOSLC star Jen Shah.
Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jen Shah says she had to sleep for “two days” following the RHOSLC reunion taping. Pic credit: Bravo

After a wild first season, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City are finally wrapping up filming. And if the upcoming reunion episodes are anything like the season, it’s sure to be filled with plenty of drama.

One RHOSLC Housewife has certainly been mixed in the drama throughout the season, and that’s Jen Shah. In a recent interview with Chicks in the Office, Jen dished on what an impact filming the reunion had on her.

Jen teases on the upcoming RHOSLC reunion

Jen chatted with Chicks in the Office co-hosts Fran Mariano and Ria Ciuffo about many RHOSLC topics, including the upcoming reunion.

“We are going into the finale. So we only have an episode left before, like you just mentioned, we see the reunion,” Fran stated. “I know that every, everybody’s first reunion is a wild ride and I know you can’t tell us too much. But, any, any hints on how this reunion is gonna go down?”

“You know, it – I wasn’t sure what to – you know, expect going into it, other than, you know, I’ve seen some reunions. And it was, man, it was, I’ll tell you what, I slept for two days after the reunion. Literally. I was exhausted,” Jen shared.

She continued to explain, “I think you will be very, there’s some surprising moments in the reunion that I don’t think, you know, are expected. I know I was surprised.”

When asked to use one word to describe the reunion Jen chose “explosive.”

Does Jen make up with castmate Mary Cosby?

If fans should be expecting some surprises during the reunion, one of them could very well be the possible reconciliation between Jen and her Season 1 nemesis Mary Cosby.

After an off-handed comment put a sour note on their friendship, the two women struggled to make peace.

Of course, this is referring to Mary’s now-infamous comment of Jen smelling like “hospital.” Mary still claims that she wasn’t referring to Jen directly, however, it certainly felt that way to Jen.

During a recent interview with ET, Mary hinted that the two women had possibly mended their friendship after the rocky season.

After it was pointed out that both Jen and Mary were standing side by side in a cast photo from the reunion, Mary shared, “I mean it’s safe to say that says something more than…it says progress.”

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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Lucille Ferraro
Lucille Ferraro
2 years ago

I think Whitney should apologize to Jen and her Husband for ruining their party. Whitney continually makes snide remarks to others of those she’s jealous of. Wicked Whitney. She said she said, is all shesays to make trouble. If I were Jen, I would never speak to Whitney again