Jana Duggar slammed for not social distancing during tornado relief

Jana Duggar during a Counting On confessional.
Jana Duggar helped with tornado relief in Jonesboro. Pic credit: TLC

Jana Duggar is under fire again after sharing that she went to help Jonesboro, Arkansas after a tornado ravaged the town. The Counting On star shared photos from some of the places where she helped.

This isn’t the first time Jana Duggar hit the ground running following a devastating tragedy. She took part in helping the Bahamas after a hurricane tore through the island. Back then there wasn’t a national pandemic, which is why Jana is getting all of the pushback this time around.

Followers slam Jana Duggar for not following social distancing guidelines

On the Instagram post where Jana Duggar shared her journey, followers were quick to call her out. It was clear that no one was social distancing and there were people on top of one another while doing tornado cleanup.

She wasn’t the only Duggar child to go, but Jana is the one who is catching the lashing. The photos are of what appears to have been homes or where homes once were. Jana was wearing a mask in one photo and her brothers were in the background without one. Despite the semi-protective measures, all of the people were too close.

With everything going on in the world with the coronavirus pandemic, followers are concerned for Jana Duggar.

She has a servant’s heart, but at what cost will that bring her? Several Counting On fans were concerned about how close everyone was in the photos. The suggestion for social distancing is six feet apart but several states around the nation have stay-at-home orders in place as well.

Jana Duggar's comments from the tornado post.
Jana Duggar is slammed for not social distancing. Pic credit: @janamduggar/Instagram

Jana Duggar is the one fans worry about

For years, Jana Duggar has been the Duggar child that many fans worry about. From feeling like she was stuck raising all of her siblings to her being the “Cinderella” of the family, there have been several concerns raised over the years.

Currently, Jana Duggar is the only adult daughter who isn’t married with children. Her sexuality and personal life have been discussed a lot among fans on social media. Jana has been paired with Lawson Bates more times than anyone else, including while helping in the Bahamas, and most recently while she was visiting Carlin Bates.

The Counting On star is back at the Duggar compound now. Jana Duggar is tending to the garden and working on some other creative ventures.

Counting On is on hiatus but is expected to return to TLC later this year.

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2 years ago

Instead of saying what a good deed Jana us doing, people mock her. People should get a life

2 years ago

Hey what is up