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James Burdette’s new girlfriend leaves Elizabeth Johnston devastated on 7 Little Johnstons

Elizabeth Johnston in a confessional on 7 Little Johnstons
Elizabeth Johnston is heartbroken after her breakup. Pic credit: TLC

Elizabeth Johnston and James Burdette have been featured on several episodes of 7 Little Johnstons. Last week, the show debuted a brand new season and with that came some news about the status of their relationship.

Near the end of the season premiere, Elizabeth Johnston revealed that she received a text message from James Burdette saying their relationship was over.

This came out of the blue after the teenagers had been unofficially seeing each other for quite some time. In fact, their relationship was only official for four months because Elizabeth was told she couldn’t date until she was 16.

Tonight on 7 Little Johnstons, Elizabeth Johnston reveals she still misses James Burdette, “a heck of a lot.” While searching on Instagram, she finds out that he had already moved on.

Both Amber and Trent had talked last week about taking Elizabeth’s phone away for a week after the breakup because she needed the break from texting him and fixating on things.

There was a lot of support for Elizabeth as she navigated her first breakup. It has been a few months now since the split, but watching the footage back may bring up some unresolved feelings from the way things ended. Johnston was focusing her feelings into painting, something that was healing for her at the moment.

James Burdette had been like a part of the family. The two lovebirds spent their first official Valentine’s Day together earlier this year and now, their relationship is just a memory.

Elizabeth Johnston will be dealing with it throughout tonight’s episode, revealing that breaking up is hard to do.

7 Little Johnstons airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on TLC.

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