Jamal Bryant’s ‘ex-girlfriend’ Tunya Griffin confirms Monique Samuels’ cheating accusations after RHOP reunion

Monique Samuels flips through her binder at the RHOP reunion.
Monique Samuels flips through her binder at the RHOP reunion. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of Potomac husband, well ex-husband, Jamal Bryant has been outed by his mistress, Tunya Griffin, who confirms RHOP star Monique Samuels’ cheating allegations.

Tunya appeared for a tell-all interview with All About The Tea, and she did, in fact, spill some piping hot tea.

“I met Jamal in 2011. Some girlfriends who had exposure to his ministry asked if I would like to accompany them to hear them preach and so I did,” Tunya says of how her relationship with Jamal started. “That night, Jamal was selling his book World War Me. I purchased the book, read it next day, posted it that was a good read, and Jamal Bryant slid in my DM.”

“Just for some clarity here, you and Jamal had a romantic slash sexual relationship, that’s correct?” All About The Tea asks.

“That is correct,” Tunya responds.

“Monique Samuels exposed on Part 1 of the Season 5 Reunion that she had some text messages in her binder where Jamal stated that his relationship with Gizelle was just for TV,” All About The Tea explains.”These were messages exchanged between you and Jamal, right?”

Tunya agrees once again and breaks down her text exchange with Jamal during which he claims his relationship with Gizelle isn’t real.

“The context of the text messages is Jamal Bryant was–he had a speech engagement in a place called Buffalo, New York. He sent a text message and asked me if I could meet him in Buffalo,” Tunya reveals.

She then explains that, at the time, she had heard the rumors about him and Gizelle getting back together.

“I wanted to ask the question, ‘Are you putting your family back together? Are you and Gizelle an item? Because it’s definitely being spread out in the social media world,'” she shares. “His response to me, and this is the context, ‘This is for reality TV.'”

She explains that she would have refused to see him if he had told her that he was genuinely pursuing Gizelle.

She also states that Jamal didn’t seem guilty during their meetup in Buffalo.

“He didn’t act nervous. He acted the same way he did for the, you know, 10 years that we had been seeing one another off and on,” she explains.

According to Tunya, they would meet up at religious conferences as pastors across the country and stay together over the years.

Tunya hints that Gizelle brought the exposure upon herself.

She addresses the rumors that claim Monique knew this information and was waiting for the right opportunity to use it are false.

Tunya explains Monique was going to appear on her blog for an interview and they got to know each other well throughout that process.

Tunya said she would inbox Monique about episodes so when Gizelle said she was with Jamal for two years, that is when Tunya sent the receipts.

Tunya said she would have never sent the texts if Gizelle hadn’t made those claims.

Jamal’s response to Monique’s claims

Jamal has vehemently denied Monique’s claims that he has been unfaithful since getting back together with his ex-wife, Gizelle.

Jamal viciously called Monique out during an Instagram live session.

He claimed that he has never had an affair with anyone involved with his church and that he will never appear on RHOP again.

He has since issued Monique a cease and desist and has insisted that she back down from her claims.

The Real Housewives of Potomac Reunion Part 3 airs Sunday, December 27 at 9/8c.

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