Jade Cline throws shade after Teen Mom 2 reunion, says the ‘drama is lame’

Jade Cline throws shade at her Teen Mom 2 castmates over ongoing drama.
Jade Cline throws shade at her castmates. Pic credit: MTV

The Teen Mom 2 reunion kicked off last night, and there was plenty of drama to go around, but now Jade Cline is over it!

Not surprisingly, there was a lot of talk about Kailyn Lowry, who didn’t even show up in person to face off with her castmates. The women still had plenty to say about her during the segment, specifically Briana DeJesus, who has an ongoing feud with the mom of four.

However, when the conversation took a turn that made Kailyn’s friend Ashley Jones uncomfortable, she excused herself from the reunion stage, and Leah Messer followed suit.

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The reunion garnered chatter from viewers and the other cast members, including Jade, who just threw shade in a recent post and called the drama “lame.”

Jade Cline throws shade at her castmates following Teen Mom 2 reunion drama

The Teen Mom 2 star shared a message on social media amid lots of chatter about what went down at the reunion.

In the post, which was shared on Jade’s Instagram Story, she told viewers not to believe everything that they see on TV.

“A lot of people only show you the side they want you to see,” she wrote. “People will be cool to your face and talk s**t literally as soon as you turn your back.”

Before ending her post, the 24-year-old noted that “The drama is lame and played out.”

“I’m only here to share my story and make my check which I’ll continue to do,” she continued. “All this online s**t is so lame.”

Jade Cline slams castmates and says the drama is lame.

Jade Cline shares positive note amid reunion drama

After getting a few things off her chest, Jade admitted that the season and the reunion weren’t all negative.

She then shared a message about the positive strides made in her relationships with her mom and her boyfriend Sean Austin.

Earlier in the season, things started off very rocky between the Teen Mom 2 star and her mom, Christy but their relationship has since taken a turn for the better.

Furthermore, her relationship with Sean has taken a complete 180 after he checked himself into a treatment facility to deal with his addiction. So while the season started negatively, things ended on a good note for Jade and her family.

In her Instagram message, Jade confessed that despite the drama between her castmates, the “reunion went great and has been the best one yet.”

“My mom and Sean have had a lot of fo growth and it’s such a blessing,” she continued. “Looking back it’s just crazy how much all of our lives have evolved.”

Jade Cline shares positives from latest season of Teen Mom 2.
Pic credit: @jadecline_/Instagram

“So happy I’m able to share my truth with you all. We have so much to share with you next season” she added.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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