Jadah on Black Ink Crew: Age, bio and everything you need to know about the blue-haired receptionist

Jadah Blue on Black Ink Crew
Jadah Blue on Black Ink Crew. Pic credit: VH1

Jadah Blue definitely brings the drama to Black Ink Crew. She’s the receptionist hired by Walt back in Season 6 but honestly, Jadah is better known for brawling with Tati than she is for making tattoo appointments.

Starting with the obvious, Jadah loves the color blue. She often wears her hair blue but also accessorizes with blue clothing and shoes too. It’s easy to pick her out in Black Ink Crew cast shots due to her easily identifiable hair.

Jadah isn’t part of the Black Ink Crew main cast. Her role on the show is still recurring even though this is her second season.

She should be thankful for that, though, because she’s been fired in the past. It all went down when Melody was managing the shop but when she got fed up and left, Sky hired Jadah back.

Jadah Blue probably should have been fired again when she got into a huge fight with Tati during the Black Ink Crew trip to Miami last season.

When Jadah thought Tati was messing with Teddy, she flipped out and attacked her coworker and co-star, taking some giant swings at Tati’s head.

It looks like that drama is spilling over to this season as she and Tati still aren’t on good terms but will it turn into another epic fight?

The synopsis for the upcoming episode teases tensions and a blow up when Jadah Blue shows up in New Orleans for the Black Ink grand opening there and we can’t imagine who else she might be butting heads with.

On Instagram, Jadah Blue calls herself the Haitian Goddess and often shares photos of herself all dressed up.

She’s definitely gained popularity since the premiere of Season 7 and even celebrated 120,000 followers on Instagram back in April as Season 6 was coming to an end. Now, she has more than 191,000 followers and growing!

Jadah is a Gemini and celebrates her birthday on June 13. This year, she turned 28 years old. In her VH1 bio, Jadah Blue is listed as a former boxer. Maybe that explains why she’s so quick to fight her Black Ink Crew co-stars.

Black Ink Crew airs on Wednesdays at 10/9c on VH1. 

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2 years ago

I like Jadah And Donna