Ceaser Emanuel fired from Black Ink Crew after dog abuse video goes public

Black Ink Crew follows the lives of tattoo artist Ceaser Emanuel and his team as they navigate their careers and personal ventures. As the shop owner, Ceaser has become a leader and friend to many who have grown to respect him as an artist and a person. Unfortunately, Ceaser may be on the verge of


Is Teddy from Black Ink Crew married? Here’s what we know about Euni Ruks

Is Teddy Ruks married? Black Ink Crew fans definitely want more details about Teddy’s love life after Young Bae put him on blast during a recent episode — telling the rest of the staff about Teddy’s possible wife — leading them to question whether he was also expecting a baby. This has been quite a


Walt from Black Ink Crew’s age, net worth and more

Walt Miller has been a part of the Black Ink Crew cast since the show began on VH1. It wasn’t until Season 6 of the popular series that Walt was upgraded from recurring to a full-time cast member. During his time on Black Ink Crew, Walt has been through a lot. There was even a