Here’s why Tatiana Ritter from Black Ink Crew was arrested and what felony charges she faced

Tatiana Ritter on Black Ink Crew
Tati from Black Ink Crew is dealing with the fallout of a major arrest. Pic credit: VH1

Last night on Black Ink Crew, Tati, whose real name is Tatiana Ritter, explained that she was now living alone in that big house she bought in hopes of bringing her family together.

It seems that Tati’s own personal problems played a role in why her family moved out, as the Black Ink Crew star was arrested in her own living room during a dramatic raid.

Since then, she said she was “ROR’d” or released on her own recognizance — meaning that she was freed without having to post bail — but that she still had a court date and some legal situations to deal with.

Why was Tati from Black Ink Crew arrested?

On the season premiere of Black Ink Crew, Tatiana detailed getting arrested in her own kitchen at the home she was so proud to have purchased on her own.

Now, with her future in jeopardy, the newly promoted tattoo shop manager is worried about what might come of the family home, not to mention her family, who were quick to vacate after the scary ordeal.

It was briefly explained that Tati was arrested in connection with a drug trafficking ring after three kilos of cocaine were mailed from Puerto Rico to a PO Box with her name listed on it in New York.

After searching through court records for details on Tati’s drug arrest, Monsters & Critics found information about her court appearances and the plea deal she took that should keep her out of prison.

According to the information on file, Tati was initially accused of two felony charges — conspiracy and attempted conspiracy, both in the first degree. However, she struck a plea deal that landed her five years of probation after pleading guilty to the attempted conspiracy charge.

Court file
Pic credit: New York State Unified Court System

There’s another sentencing date set for her on March 7, where she’ll formally be punished for the role she played in the illegal drug activity dating back to June 2020.

This isn’t Tati’s first drug arrest

Black Ink Crew viewers are already likely aware that Tati’s latest arrest is not the first time she’s been hauled to jail on drug charges. However, it is the most severe.

In 2019, the tattoo shop manager turned reality TV star, who used to date Black Ink Crew boss Ceasar’s cousin Teddy Ruks, was arrested for possession of marijuana when New York police pulled her and a carful of friends over after an event and found some weed in the car.

Tati isn’t the only cast member from Black Ink Crew with a history of arrests. In fact, Ceaser Emmanuel has also been handcuffed and hauled off to jail after he was accused of carrying a fake ID back in 2019.

Black Ink Crew airs on Mondays at 8/7c on VH1.

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