Walt from Black Ink Crew’s age, net worth and more

Walt on Black Ink Crew
Walt Miller has been a regular cast member since Season 6. Pic credit: VH1

Walt Miller has been a part of the Black Ink Crew cast since the show began on VH1. It wasn’t until Season 6 of the popular series that Walt was upgraded from recurring to a full-time cast member.

During his time on Black Ink Crew, Walt has been through a lot. There was even a point when he was drinking so heavily, that his role on the show was in question. Ceaser Emanuel was looking out for his friend though. And unlike many others that ended up feuding with the Black Ink boss, Ceaser helped Walt to get back on his feet and get sober.

Walt Miller is a photographer by trade but on Black Ink Crew, he’s the assistant manager of 113th.

On the latest episodes of Black Ink Crew, Walt has been bringing his new girlfriend around in the hopes that both his crew and his kids like her. As it turns out, Walt’s kids definitely like Jess, which means he’s got the green light to get more serious. The problem now is that Jess may not have the same vision for the future as Walt.

He has two kids already but wants more. In fact, Walt tells Jess on the latest episode that he sees himself as a grandpa, surrounded by grandkids. Then, Jess absolutely breaks his heart when she confesses, quite bluntly, that she has no interest at all in having more kids. Hers are already grown and she doesn’t want to start over.

The hurt in Walt’s face was unmistakable and Jess’ admission could be the end of their relationship as Walt tries to decide what to do. Based on photos posted as recently as this month, it’s likely that Walt got over his dream of having more kids because he and Jess are still together.

That scene, where Walt lays out his future plans, is likely why Black Ink Crew fans have been asking questions about his background and his age.

How old is Walt from Black Ink Crew and what is his net worth?

The assistant manager of 113th is 37 years old and aside from a brief stint where they were with his mom, Walt has made sure to be a presence in his kids’ lives.

There was a time that was documented on Black Ink Crew when Walt wasn’t doing so great. After getting sober and trying to get his life back on track, he was struggling to find housing. With limited options, Walt ended up renting a room from someone living in the projects. When Ceaser and Teddy popped up on Walt to make sure he wasn’t sliding back into old behaviors, they couldn’t believe the way he was living.

Then, there was the time that Ceaser took the Black Ink staff on a gambling trip in hopes of winning enough to pay the deposit on a nicer house for Walt so that he could have his kids back in his life. Walt ended up getting the house and proudly showed off his accomplishment to his kids. It even had a backyard, which is a huge deal when living in New York City!

When it comes to Walt Miller’s net worth, there is an estimate that he is worth anywhere from $100,000 to $1 million. That’s quite a large range and it also seems to be a small figure for a man who is a known and published fashion photographer and who has appeared now on eight seasons of Black Ink Crew.

That said, it’s known that Walt from Black Ink Crew definitely isn’t rich, as seen in the way he struggled to find and keep housing on the show. He also was just a recurring character for years, only gaining regular cast member status two seasons ago. Hopefully, his increased exposure and growing popularity with translate when it comes to the bottom line.

Black Ink Crew airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on VH1. 

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