Black Ink Crew lawsuit: Alex Robinson wants $1 million from Ceaser Emanuel and Teddy Ruks for his injuries

Alex Robinson on Black Ink Crew
Alex suffered a real injury at the hands of Ceaser and Teddy and now, he wants them to pay. Pic credit: VH1

After suffering a beat down at the hands of Ceaser Emanuel and Teddy Ruks as cameras rolled, Alex Robinson may not tattoo again. Now, he wants the Black Ink Crew boss and his sidekick to pay up for the damage they caused and he’s asking for $1 million.

Black Ink Crew fans no doubt remember the time that Ceaser and Teddy took aim at Alex during Young Bae’s wedding celebration a couple of seasons ago on the VH1 hit.

They were beefing badly with Alex’s girlfriend Donna and when the notorious couple showed up to celebrate Bae’s big day, it became one that Alex would never forget — and not in a good way.

Frustrated and angry with Donna, Ceaser and Teddy lashed out at the man closest to her.

But during their dirty sneak attack that included closed fist punches and even a really dirty blow from Teddy, they did damage to Alex’s back that put him in the hospital and took him out of the tattoo chair forever.

The fight was vicious and it was all caught on camera. Watch the clip below to see how it all started and how Alex was injured.

After the shocking beatdown, we also saw Alex suffering from such severe back pain that he couldn’t stand up straight.

A trip to the emergency room revealed that he was dealing with damaged tissue around his spinal cord, forcing him to get physical therapy and stop working as a tattoo artist.

Initially, Ceaser and Teddy thought Alex was just trying to shake them down for some money. However, when Ceaser hired a private investigator to prove Alex was scamming him, he learned quite the opposite.

Then, near the end of last season, Ceaser apologized to Alex and tried to make things right. He even brought Donna back to Black Ink to work and promised Alex a job again once he was healed up enough to return to tattooing.

Despite everything Ceaser has done to make things right with Alex, it looks like he’s still probably going to have to pay up.

According to TMZ, Alex took that meeting with his lawyer seriously and now, he’s suing both Ceaser and Teddy, hoping to truly make them pay for the damage they did.

Black Ink Crew airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on VH1. 

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