Donna and Alex from Black Ink Crew’s bathroom stall video makes for an awkward meeting with her parents

Alex and Donna on Black Ink Crew
Alex is trying to make a good impression on Donna’s family, but can he? Pic credit: VH1

On the latest episode of Black Ink Crew, the cast headed to Columbus, Ohio, to support Walt’s comedy career as well as to meet Donna’s parents. Alex was along for the ride, and it was his first time meeting the folks.

During the trip, Alex was doing his best to impress Donna’s mom and dad, but he’s clearly not as smooth as he thought. In fact, when first meeting Donna’s dad, Alex introduced himself as Vagina Slayer, the name he has used on Instagram even before he and Donna were an item.

It was a tense meeting for Alex, who wasn’t getting the love from Donna’s parents that he had hoped. And when he went the extra mile to impress by making the rounds with a tray of meat, Donna’s dad got straight to the point.

When Young Bae asked Donna’s parents how much they know about Alex, her mom said that she knows his name is Alex, and he’s from New York.

Her dad chimed in, “I know about the bathroom video, my man.”

Everyone went silent until Bae broke in, “Explain to your future parents-in-law.”

And with all of the Black Ink employees (minus Ceasar and Teddy) waiting, Alex took a big breath and said, “I think I’m just gonna go check on Donna.”

Even though the moment was really awkward for Alex, that didn’t stop his relationship with Donna as Bae thought it might. Instead, we see in the sneak peek for next week that things are really serious between the two. In fact, it looks like Alex is going to ask for Donna’s dad’s permission to marry her.

Considering how stoic Donna’s dad has been throughout the visit, there’s no telling what he might say. Don’t be surprised if he brings up Donna and Alex’s bathroom stall video again. After all, that NSFW video is how their relationship started.

Black Ink Crew airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on VH1. 

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