Ivan Hall reveals his girlfriend in recent ‘hard launch’ 

Ivan Hall
Ivan Hall makes a surprising announcement about his love life. Pic credit: @ivanbhall/Instagram

Ivan Hall is officially taken!

The Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 star recently revealed that he found love and debuted his girlfriend in an unexpected video.

Following a common Bachelor Nation trend as of late, Ivan did a ‘hard launch’ to announce that he’s dating and Bachelor Nation stars rejoiced over the news. 

Ivan Hall enjoys PDA with his girlfriend

Ivan Hall took to Instagram to give a major update about his love life. 

While advertising for a wine company, Ivan shared a video that featured several affectionate clips with his girlfriend.

The video began with the mystery woman, who Ivan didn’t appear to tag in the post.

Ivan’s girlfriend stood alone in what appeared to be scrubs, and then Ivan approached and placed his arm around her while wearing a plaid shirt, pants, and glasses. 

Ivan Hall's Instagram post
Pic credit: @ivanbhall/Instagram

Ivan and his girlfriend then switched into more casual attire, with his girlfriend showing off her physique in a black crop top and shorts while Ivan wrapped his arm around her in a white tee and blue pants. 

Ivan wrote over the photo, “Spring Fridays,” with a fire emoji.

Ivan Hall's Instagram post
Pic credit: @ivanbhall/Instagram

The couple enjoyed some time fireside, with Ivan even feeding his girlfriend from their charcuterie board. Ivan wrote over the photo, “Wine Your Way means: A rooftop, Fire pit, Plenty of wine.”

Ivan Hall's Instagram post
Pic credit: @ivanbhall/Instagram

The video also included Ivan and his girlfriend sharing a kiss against a scenic city backdrop. 

Ivan Hall's Instagram post
Pic credit: @ivanbhall/Instagram

Ivan confirmed that the woman in the video was his girlfriend through the caption. 

The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise star wrote, “Spending time with my girlfriend enjoying @WoodbridgeWines Sparkling Infusions is how I enjoy my #SpringFridays. It’s important for us to have quality time with each other with our busy careers.”

Ivan Hall's caption
Pic credit: ivanbhall/Instagram

Bachelor Nation stars react to Ivan Hall’s ‘hard launch’ relationship reveal 

Ivan has lots of friends within The Bachelor franchise, and many of them took to the comments to celebrate his relationship reveal. 

Ivan’s Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 costar and girlfriend to Ivan’s good friend Noah Erb, Abigail Heringer, commented, “Ivan with the hard launch.” 

Ivan responded, “everybody is doing it lol.” 

Ivan’s close friend from The Bachelorette Season 16, Demar Jackson, wrote, “I see it’s ‘Hard Launch Week’, ” adding, “Let me grab a few bottles.” 

Ivan Hall's comment section
Pic credit: @ivanbhall/Instagram

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 star Riley Christian wrote, “Love to see it.” 

The Bachelorette Season 17 star, Thomas Jacobs, wrote, “Revolutionary.”

The Bachelorette Season 17 lead, Katie Thurston, commented, “I’ll watch this ad over and over again just to root for your happiness.” 

Finally, BIP star Blake Monar wrote, “Just breaking hearts everywhere.” 

Ivan Hall's comment section
Pic credit: @ivanbhall/Instagram

Bachelor Nation certainly seemed thrilled to see Ivan find love and happiness. 

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.