Is Will Kirby teasing or trolling Big Brother fans with new POV video?

POV Necklace
Big Brother used to sell POV necklaces to fans who wanted to buy one Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother fans have likely gotten very used to Dr. Will Kirby trolling them on social media. It’s something he gets a kick out of doing during the offseason.

Last season, Will even popped up as a neighbor to the Big Brother 22 cast, where the show tried to make it look like he was living next door to the players.

Now, Will has posted a GIF on his Instagram page that shows off a Power of Veto necklace. It has created quite the buzz on social media.

So, what does it all mean? It might mean absolutely nothing. This could be Will just trolling fans for attention, as fans are continuously looking for any nugget of information about the upcoming season.

If nothing else, it does serve as a reminder that we are heading into the summer months and that the Big Brother 23 season isn’t too far from its beginning.

Will gets the attention of Big Brother fans.

“It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood A beautiful day for a neighbor Would you be mine? Could you be mine?” Will posted with the GIF that is shared below.

Where did the POV box and necklace come from?

CBS used to sell the Power of Veto necklace on its Big Brother page, which allowed fans to own something important from the show. It’s possible that Will purchased one or was gifted one because the one from his Instagram page has been purchased by many other fans.

It’s also possible that Will was given one by the production team due to his past involvement with the show. In addition to his guest spot during the Big Brother 22 season, Will has hosted jury roundtables numerous times. He has become very well known for it in recent years.

Below is a post that is still up on the Big Brother Twitter account that shows the reality competition show trying to get people interested in purchasing their own POV necklace.

Big Brother 2021 season begins soon

The Big Brother 23 start date was recently revealed by CBS. It’s going to be a bit later at starting than a typical season, but it will also kickoff much sooner than Big Brother 2020 did at CBS.

There is also some possible BB23 cast information that has been posted online, giving fans a small glimpse into who might be playing the game this summer.

We are very excited for the season to finally get started, especially since every indication is that there will be no returning players this summer. We should have an entire BB23 cast made up of people who have never played the game before. That should give fans a chance to root for someone new and for the show to get a big breath of fresh air when it comes to the houseguests.

Stay tuned everyone, because we expect a lot of additional information about the show to come out over the next month or so.

Big Brother returns on July 7 to CBS.