Is Thomas and Chelsea’s relationship even real? Temptation Island fans weigh in

Thomas and Chelsea from Season 3 of Temptation Island
Fans are wondering if Thomas and Chelsea came on Temptation Island to further their careers or if they actually need relationship help. Pic credit: USA Network

Both Thomas and Chelsea have backgrounds in acting, which makes their presence, and the motives behind their choice to come onto Season 3 of Temptation Island questionable.

Fans are wondering if they are just on the show to further their professional careers, or whether they are truly at a crossroads in their relationship and need help figuring out if they should stay together or break up.

Off the island, they are still promoting their acting careers and have fans thinking about the validity of their relationship.

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Their social media accounts also yield to the assumption that they may not be legitimate.

Thomas and Chelsea’s backgrounds are suspect

Both Thomas Gipson and Chelsea Orcutt cite their acting experience in film and television on their LinkedIn profiles. They both identify their location as bi-coastal.

On Instagram, neither of them have any pictures with each other from any point in time. Thomas has one picture of the two of them on his page, but it is only promotional for the show.

Chelsea herself tags #actor and #acting in her own photos when she is talking about Temptation Island.

Thomas highlights his acting work and prospects throughout his Instagram posts and has a link to his website in his bio. Chelsea offers a link in her bio to all her relevant personal accounts and acting pages like IMBb.

The screening process to be a part of Temptation Island is very thorough. However, historically there have been important facts about the participants that have slipped through cracks during the screening by production.

Fans feel like there is a lot of acting going on

Temptation Island fans reacted on Reddit to the idea that Thomas and Chelsea are merely actors and TI is just another appearance in their portfolio.

Chelsea and Thomas conversation on Reddit
Pic credit: u/maggadelic/Reddit

With the evidence of both Thomas and Chelsea having acting careers, people who watch the show are suspect of the validity of the relationships on the show. The relationships between the other couples are under fire too.

Will Thomas and Chelsea end up together?

During Episode 1, the pair explained that they been together a year and a half and met over social media when he slid into her DM’s.

Thomas described that they, “Read together, we meditate together, I make breakfast and she cooks dinner. We have this beautiful life that we’ve created together.”

Fans think that these words about their deep connection come can come off as generic and surface, only adding to the speculation of falsehoods.

Thomas goes on to explain that Chelsea is quick to get jealous because of Thomas’s flirtatious nature, and Thomas wants to prove that Chelsea can trust him.

On the island so far, they both appear to be easily getting along without each other, even forming flirtatious and close relations with the singles.

It seems like Thomas is displaying the exact behavior that irritates Chelsea, as evidenced by his teasing interactions with single Sophia.

Thomas flirts heavily with single, Sophia, and viewers are wondering if he is for real. Pic credit: USA Network

Only time will tell if Thomas and Chelsea are grasping at fame, or if their relationship turmoil is legitimate.

Viewers need more time to see how they act and what they say in their separate villas as well as their bonfire reactions to each other in order to form more opinions on the matter.

Temptation Island airs Tuesday nights at 10/9c on USA.

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