Is Matt James keeping The Bachelor villain Victoria around for himself or producers?

Matt James
Is Matt James really keeping Victoria around? Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Matt James surprised everyone last week when he decided to keep Victoria around.

During the first episode, Victoria rubbed the women the wrong way as she called herself a queen in their company.

Social media went wild, as viewers shouted it from the rooftops, begging Matt to please send Victoria home.

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However, he chose to keep her around and viewers were convinced that producers had something to do with it.

Matt James did give Victoria some credit tonight

During tonight’s episode, Matt made it clear that he was there to find his wife and he wasn’t interested in the drama.

But, Victoria’s outspoken personality got her in trouble.

Before the rose ceremony, Victoria went on a group date, where Matt told her that he loved that she owned who she was.

He encouraged her to continue to own who she was, but it’s clear that their connection wasn’t as strong as his connection with some of the other women.

Victoria was devastated that she didn’t get the first impression rose, but it is possible that producers are asking Matt to keep her around.

Before their time was up, Victoria asked him for a kiss, which didn’t come across as natural or organic.

During the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, Victoria took Matt aside, telling him that Marylynn had been bullying her in the house. He was confused and chose to walk away.

The two ladies had a confrontation, and Matt didn’t know what to do.

The episode ended with no conclusion, which means that Victoria got to stick around – again.

Matt James got drama even though he tried to avoid it

We don’t know much drama will unfold during this season other than what was shown in the previews.

The preview for next week’s episode reveals that Victoria continues to pester the women, making them feel insecure and frustrated about her presence on the show. If Matt saw what the women experienced during filming, viewers believe he would have sent her home.

Chris Harrison has revealed that he gave Matt James some “tough love” on The Bachelor, sharing some tough words with him to help him navigate the entire process.

We also know that Matt got a visit from a Bachelor Nation star.

Heather Martin showed up while Matt was filming the show and she was supposedly convinced that he was her future husband.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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