Chris Harrison gave Matt James some ‘tough love’ on The Bachelor — Matt says it helped him

Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison helped Matt James throughout his Bachelor journey. Pic credit: ABC

Chris Harrison is often called the matchmaker of The Bachelor franchise because he has hosted the show for two decades.

He has helped many people find love and explore relationships, even if they didn’t last in the long run.

As it turns out, Matt James can now see why people love Chris, as Chris helped him get through filming.

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It’s no secret that Matt faced challenges throughout filming, as Matt didn’t have any Bachelor experience. Plus, Matt claimed that he had never been in love before, which meant that he faced challenges throughout filming with the women.

Chris Harrison guided Matt James through The Bachelor

Now, Matt is speaking out about Chris on the Bachelor Party podcast and he revealed that Chris did show him some tough love throughout filming. But Matt appreciated it, because he felt that Chris helped him with the process.

“Every time I talked to Chris, I took something away from him,” Matt revealed, recalling a specific time that Chris had helped him.

“That time specifically was just reiterating something that you heard your whole life and that’s you can’t please everybody and you can’t speak for everybody. Him saying that was what I needed to hear in that moment because I was putting a lot of pressure on myself.”

When the host Juliet Litman hooked that Chris was a father figure who guided people through the journey, Matt couldn’t help but agree.

“A thousand percent! He laid own the hammer a few times and that’s the time of relationship we have. He reigned me back in and there was a lot of tough love,” Matt explained, adding that he never thought that he was safe throughout filming.

“Every time you think that, Chris pops up with a whole—and it’s like, ‘Oh by the way..’ And you’re just like, ‘What?’. It’s more like a plot twist. Like, ‘Well this is going well, let’s do this’ and I’m just like, ‘Dang, I thought this was going well.'”

Chris Harrison has previously said that Matt James’ season was an emotional one

This season was a bit different for Chris because Matt had not filmed any Bachelor shows before getting the lead. For years, people had been on previous seasons prior to being granted The Bachelor or Bachelorette lead, but not with Matt.

Matt didn’t even know what a rose ceremony was or how everything would unfold during filming.

Chris has teased that he and Matt ‘had words’ with one another while filming The Bachelor, but shared that those words weren’t always negative. They also hugged it out and cried together, going through all the emotions.

As it turns out, Matt went through ‘the wringer’ on the show and Chris had to guide him through it. We don’t know what happens that causes Matt to question everything and ‘go through the wringer’ as Chris teased.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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