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Is Loren Brovarnik still pregnant? When is the 90 Day Fiance star due?

Loren on the show
Loren on 90 Day Fiance. Pic Credit: TLC

It’s been a big year for the Brovarnik family. In addition to appearing on TLC’s Pillow Talk, Loren and Alexei have reached several milestones in their personal lives.

In January, Alex officially became an American citizen. Alex, originally from Israel, went through the K-1 visa process, then years of waiting, applications, and studying to become an official American.

The couple is also renovating their home in preparation for a big change — they’re expecting a baby! Back in October, they announced that their little one was on the way.

It’s a big step for the couple, and it comes about four years after they were married. The pair met in 2013 when Loren was on a birthright trip to Israel.

They then had two weddings — one in the US in 2015 and another in Israel in 2016. Both were featured on 90 Day Fiance.

A babymoon that didn’t go as planned

To celebrate the upcoming arrival, Loren and Alexei took a cruise to The Bahamas earlier this month.

It was a memorable trip, but not for the reasons they planned- while enjoying a day at the beach, the pair spotted an intoxicated man who was struggling in the water.

Alex jumped into action, running into the ocean to save the man.

Alex’s friend Sean caught the incident on video, and in the end, the man was saved by Alex’s courage and quick thinking. Fans congratulated Alex on his heroism, and Loren was particularly proud.

Before the eventful babymoon, the couple took to Instagram to announce their baby’s gender.

In January, they announced that they would be having a boy. While they’ve hinted that they’ve picked out a name, they won’t be sharing it until the baby is born.

So when is this baby coming?

Loren has been documenting her entire pregnancy on Instagram, and she’s made sure that fans are kept in the loop. She’s currently 33 weeks pregnant, meaning that she’s due around the second week in May.

Most women go into labor between 38 and 42 weeks of pregnancy, so Baby Brov, as he’s nicknamed, could make his arrival any time between the very end of April and the end of May.

Typically, doctors will induce labor if a pregnancy goes much beyond 41 weeks, so it’s pretty safe to say that Baby Brov will be here before June.

We haven’t heard yet if the baby’s birth will be featured on any of the 90 Day spin-offs, but with the Brovarniks’ long history with the franchise, I think it’s safe to guess that he will make an appearance on the show at some point.

90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk airs on Sundays at 11/10c on TLC.

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